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Donald Corren
He spent seven years on Law and Order. His stage career has earned him plaudits to rival those of any actor. His sense of humor comes across in his resume which lists that he has a driver's license and is good at home repairs. The Julliard trained actor is about to take on a project that requires him to play eight roles.

Donald Corren spoke with Broadway To Vegas about Dietrich and Chevalier: The Musical in which Jodi Stevens and Tony Award nominee Robert Cuccioli play the title characters.

Important things first. Actors can be a dime-a-dozen, while a good handyman is priceless.

"I can do minor wiring," Corren proclaimed. "You've got a clogged sink? Let me fix it. I can unclog it."

No, but how about a broken washing machine?

"I'm very good at demolition," he responded. "I can wield a sledge hammer. I can paint. Will that work?"

He may need those skills and more to carry off eight characters, costume changes and accents.

Dietrich and Chevalier: The Musical is a fascinating true story brought to theatrical life by Jerry Mayer.

Marlene Dietrich and Louie Armstrong at the Las Vegas Riveria Hotel in 1962
In the 1930's, Marlene Dietrich and Maurice Chevalier were Paramount's biggest stars. They met in Hollywood and fell in lust, which turned into love and lasted two lifetimes. During World War II Dietrich entertained GIs at the front and became a hero, while Chevalier, in occupied France, sang, with Germans in his audience and was accused of collaboration and put on trial. The war had separated them; Chevalier's trial for treason brought them back together when Dietrich rushed to his side to help him. Later Dietrich and Chevalier would become major Las Vegas stars.

Set to make it's New York debut, the show features 15 of their signature songs including Falling in Love Again; Louise; Lili Marlene; Mimi; No Love, No Nothin’; Valentine; and The Boys in the Backroom.

"This is my first experience with the show," related Corren about the production which has had presentations in other parts of the country. "It's a delightful show, kind of a hybrid. Part revue, but it's very much of a story. The songs aren't bound to each other like a musical bill where it's - we're on stage so we're singing. Jerry has done the script so that the songs fit with the movements of the story, which is basically that they are lovers first, great friends second and then the war splits them up. She becomes an American citizen and entertains all over the front. He, on the other hand, entertains for the Germans and is tried for collaborating with the enemy. This is absolutely a true story," he emphasized.

As with any live production, New York is important.

Maurice Chevalier and Sophie Tucker in Las Vegas. Chevalier conducted his first Las Vegas soiree at the Dunes Hotel in 1955. Sophie Tucker, 71, was appearing at the El Rancho Vegas and showed up to help welcome Maurice to Las Vegas.
"A nice New York production always seems to validate the marketing of a show around the country. If we do well here, keep it open for awhile and get some good press, there is no reason this show couldn't tour. The story is about two major superstars. You don't even have to be old enough to remember them. They are icons. They are so distinctive. This show should be everywhere. It's doable, entertaining and well written. It's a cast of three."

Of course, one of the actors has eight parts.

"I am all the way through the show. It's a lot of presence. I'm basically carrying the freight. I'm the people who impact them and set the plot on its way. For instance, I'm the MC who first introduces you to Chevalier through whom we learn that France is occupied and not happy about it. Then, I'm her husband through whom you see that Marlene and Chevalier are having this affair, but it's quite open and accepted by the husband. You learn that Marlene will never marry Chevalier because she loves her husband."

"Then I'm the guy who gave Marlene her first song - the song that made her a star - Falling In Love Again. Then I'm the German Ambassador who put the ultimatum to her that causes her to become an American citizen. Then I am the Commissioner of Jewish Affairs who finds out about Chevalier's Jewish wife and puts the screws on him, forcing him to sing to German officers, so that they won't come after his wife."

Jodi Stevens plays Marlene Dietrich
"Then I'm the judge at the trial for collaborating with the enemy. I'm the 20-year-old Texan paratrooper who gets the jeep so that she can sneak off to Paris and testify in Chevalier's behalf. I am kind of like the structure of the story as it impacts them all the way through. I play the piano, too."

He's not kidding.

If the producers had money to burn and no common sense, there would be a cast of ten. When a performer makes a major character change within a show, it's generally a one person vehicle in which that actor controls the performance. In this production the pacing is set by the director who is driven by the storyline. Corren's roles are not mistake proof - no goof easily covered by camp. Rather, those eight characters are the plot sensitive glue which keeps the production together. A fabulous performance by Corren will not single-handedly make this show a success. However, if he botches the job, he'll destroy the production.

No pressure.

"I've never done this kind of multiple character thing," he admitted. "Each character has their own costumes, their own dialect and their own age. My biggest fear is that my Frenchman will sound like the German."

Robert Cuccioli is Maurice Chevalier
Having the proper costumes laid out in order and fast changes become crucial.

"Yes, wardrobe plays an important role and my memory will play an even more important part," he continued. "I'm in a play with a really great cast. This little off-Broadway show has Bob Cuccioli who was a sensation in Jekyll and Hyde," stated Corren about the Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricusse musical which earned Cuccioli a Tony Award nomination.

"Jodi is sensational as Dietrich," stressed Corren. "She knows how well Dietrich used stillness. Dietrich would just stand there and let her bones do it. The light hits those cheekbones and she'd use one gesture. Jodi has that down. You'd think that she is Dietrich. That is kind of cool."

Most people seeing a picture of Corren know they've seen him somewhere. For many that is Law and Order. He got cast because his cousin graduated from college.

"That was the best gig of my life," he exclaimed. Corren's cousin was graduating from college and about to quit her job. Corren took her to lunch to celebrate.

"I walked into that audition because my cousin was graduating from college. It was her last day working for a casting agency who happened to be casting this new show called Law and Order. She said she wasn't suppose to tip off friends or family, but since this was her last day she told me they were auditioning for something that I might like. I walked her back to her office, met the casting agent and that was it. That was season two and they just kept calling me back for the next seven years. It was just one of those great, lucky, terrific stories," he said of his recurring part as technician Medill.

His first day on the set was a learning experience.

"I was trained at Julliard. I'm a stage actor. I'm trained to speak so that your voice can hit the back wall. Put me in any theater, I can always find the back wall with my voice."

Donald Corren in Law and Order
"It was the first day on the set and I don't think I'd ever done any TV before. I walked in there and I'm scared to death. The mike is hanging right above me, but I said the line JUST LIKE THIS!!!," he blared. "The director yelled 'cut' and there was silence for a minute. I just heard one word coming from the back of the room and the word was - theater. I looked out and said 'I beg your pardon?' The sound man said 'You work in the theater?' I said - 'YES, WHY?' The director said, 'Don't yell. The mike is just eight inches away.' I was just a little chagrinned."

Stage versus television acting - more differences than just vocal projection.

"On stage I can't just have a thought and have that read at the back of the room," continued Corren. "I have to bring it into my body movements, so the back row understands. On television the camera can pick up the slightest facial emotion."

"Law and Order was a 20-year show. I was on seasons 2 through 9 but it is currently played all over the world, all the time. I get people telling me - as recently as this year - 'I saw you on Law and Order last night.' I haven't been on Law and Order in 12 years," he mused.

Corren starred on Broadway in Torch Song Trilogy, for which he received awards from both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Drama Critics Circle while on tour. He appeared Off Broadway on The Last Sunday in June, Saturday Night and Tom Foolery. He received some of the best reviews ever written for creating the memorable role of Cosme McMoon opposite Judy Kaye's Florence Foster Jenkins in the 2005 hit Broadway production of Souvenir.

Judy Kaye and Donald Corren in Souvenir. Photo: Carol Rosegg
"We did it all over. We did it in Arizona, San Francisco, Baltimore, Florida. It was interesting because we did not really tour. We would be invited to a regional theater. Judy would get a call. She has a lot of fans. She's a great star. People would call and ask her if she would bring it to their theater. She'd agree, but explain that she came with everyone. We did the exact same production. My character, the costume, lighting and sound designers and the director came. We became like a family.The entire production, precisely as you saw it on Broadway, was picked up and moved, and placed down in about nine different cities. So, it isn't really a tour.We just sort of plop down and stay for a month and then go home. It's been fascinating. And audiences everywhere respond the same way. They just love it."

"We'll do it some more, but I don't know when. We were suppose to go to San Diego last month but Judy is in London doing the new Harold Prince show," he said referring to Paradise Found, which is co-directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman. "It is great," he observed. "I saw one of their final run through before they went over. It's sensational - sensational! Who knows what stands between potential and success but certainly the show is there. I think it will make it. The show is funny, smart and sexy. It's got top Broadway talents - Judy, Mandy Patinkin, John McMartin, Shuler Hensley, Nancy Opel and Kate Baldwin. It's like a AAA cast."

Paradise Found is currently at the Menier Chocolate Factory in London to June 26, 2010. Kaye is then set to play Julia Child in the musical Bon Appétit! which plays the Tsai Performance Center at Boston University July 28 and 30 and August 1.

While Corren is a trained actor, he' always been a pianist with a background in cabaret during the genre's heyday.

"I did a lot of cabaret and piano bar when a lot of people were doing it - the 70s and 80s."

Some think the art form is dying out. Others think a generation which has grown up on multi-media and layered noise will re-discover a musical experience in which listening plays a part.

"I wish I knew the future of cabaret," Corren wistfully admits. "I am so devoted to the lyric song. I have never been interested in electronic pop music. I don't get it. It doesn't speak to me. So, for me, I've only listened to cabaret type music. Whether it be show music or standards from the 20's, 30's or 40's because that appeals to me. I hope that doesn't go away."

"It's certainly active here," he said of the New York scene. "There are several clubs which do have cabaret and some are very cheap. Some are very expensive."

A problem with booking cabaret is basically the same as any other performing arts category. Big names sell tickets.

"For people to be considered a valid performer, they have to be idols," he complained. "The show has to be big and loud - things that never could happen in cabaret - the definition of which is intimacy."

In 2007 the Stockton, California native was honored by his home town with their Career Achievement Award for his successful career "as an actor, writer, and pianist in professional theatre, television and cabaret."

When he isn't doing any of that, Corren can be found puttering around his house.

"My partner and I have a house up in the Hudson Valley. We've been there for 20 years and we love it up there." Corren's partner is noted stage designer Richard W. Prouse who has created backdrops for more than 35 Broadway musicals including Guys and Dolls, Mary Poppins, Hairspray and Beauty and the Beast.

Both love their countrified existence.

"Interestingly enough, in the mid 80's when we were looking to buy a house, we were in our late 30's, and all of our peer group felt the same way - that this is a gorgeous area. We ended up moving to Rheinbeck and three or four of our New York friends followed."

Both Corren and Prouse are active in their community including The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck. That's all well and good but what about all those handy home repairs? Any good washing windows?

"Listen, you pay me and I'll do a damn good window."

Before he gets too involved with the Windex, enjoy Jodi Stevens, Robert Cuccioli and Donald Corren in Dietrich and Chevalier, The Musical. Performances begin June 5 at St. Luke's Theatre in NYC.

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The Beffi Triptych. Photo: Getty
has arrived at the J. Paul Getty Museum in California. One of the most important works from the National Museum of Abruzzo in the city of L'Aquila, the Triptych is on loan to the Getty from the Italian government and will be on view through September 5th in the Museum’s North Pavilion, alongside other paintings from Italy that were created around the same - early to mid-fifteenth century - time period.

David Bomford, acting director said the installation of The Madonna and Child with Scenes from the Life of Christ and the Virgin (The Beffi Triptych) is the first work of art to be transported out of Abruzzo, Italy, in the aftermath of the violent earthquake that struck the region on April 6, 2009.

Painted by an unknown artist, The Beffi Triptych is representative of the late Gothic period in Abruzzo and embodies all the qualities of figurative painting from the region during the fifteenth century.

Named for the nearby town of Beffi, it has been suggested that the painter may have been a follower of the Sienese artist Taddeo di Bartolo, as works by the Master of The Beffi Triptych, like those of di Bartolo, are distinctive for their lively narrative detail, highly expressive figures, and brilliant colors. In addition to panel paintings, this anonymous painter also illuminated manuscripts and created frescoes. Experts identify him as the painter who frescoed the vault and walls of the presbytery of the church of San Silvestro in L'Aquila at the beginning of the 15th century.

In announcing the loan, Bomford said, "We are grateful to the Italian Ministry of Culture for lending us this important object that we are showcasing alongside our own extraordinary collection of European paintings. In doing so, we are pleased to play a part in helping create awareness for the devastation in the Abruzzo region and the need to preserve the region’s cultural treasures."

Winslow Homer (United States, 1836–1910), Artists Sketching in the White Mountains, 1868, oil on panel, 9 7/16 x 15 13/16 inches. Portland Museum of Art.
The relationship between Winslow Homer (1836–1910) and the Portland Museum of Art is long-standing and intimate. In the 1880's he moved to Prout's Neck, Maine and began painting scenes of the sea and coast. It is interesting to note the contrast in the subject matter of his work. His early work captured the horror of the Civil War, and towards the end of his life, his work captured the peace and serenity of the Maine Coast. Winslow Homer died on September 29, 1910 Homer exhibited at the Museum in his lifetime and in the course of the 20th century the Museum has become a symbolic home for the artist.

In honor of the centennial of Homer’s death, this exhibition will showcase the Museum’s collection of Homer watercolors and oils on canvas. Featuring 20 works, it will be the first time since 1988 that all of these works will be on view in the Charles Shipman Payson Building. In 2006, the Museum purchased his studio at Prouts Neck and is currently involved in a major conservation and restoration project at that storied site. The Winslow Homer Studio restoration will be completed in 2012.

The large number of illustrations Homer created for mass reproduction in the mid-1800s defines him as one of 19th-century America’s most visible interpreters of culture and history. Until now, however, visitors have been unable to fully explore the richness of the Homer graphics collection because the fragile, light-sensitive nature of works on paper permits display of only two or three at a time. These works, primarily reproductions that appeared in the popular news magazine Harper’s Weekly, have been digitally photographed in high resolution.

On June 5, the Portland Museum of Art will debut a website of highlights from its Winslow Homer illustrations collection. This groundbreaking online gallery on the Museum’s website will provide searchable and zoomable access to more than 250 of Homer’s wood engravings. Many of these works have never been seen by the public before. The engravings are part of a gift of 445 Homer wood engravings given to the Museum by Peggy and Harold Osher in 1991, a nearly comprehensive collection of Homer’s graphic work. The launch of this online gallery is in celebration of the Museum’s exhibition Winslow Homer and the Poetics of Place on view June 5 through September 12 in Portland, Maine.


music by Richard Rodgers with a book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II. Adapted from Ferenc Molnar's 1909 play Liliom. Rodgers and Hammerstein said Carousel was their favorite collaboration. Time magazine named it the best musical of the 20th century.

Set in a New England fishing village. Carousel was innovative for its time, being one of the first musicals to contain a tragic plot.

Carousel - the Broadway show in which John Raitt, at the age of 28, made his Broadway debut.

Raitt rose to stardom in the mid-1940s, playing Curley in the touring company of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! In 1945, he premiered the role of reckless carnival barker Billy Bigelow in Carousel. Raitt always called himself "a product of Rodgers and Hammerstein. They wrote such great songs, so singable and so right for my voice."

"In fact," he once said, "they wrote the Soliloquy (known informally as My Boy Bill) just for me, and it's been a legacy."

Carousel produced not one but several songs which have become standards. If that isn't enough, each of those classic compositions is in a different genre. If I Loved You, is definitely a beautiful love song. There is the inspiring and powerful You'll Never Walk Alone an awesome show stopper, heart wrenchingly poured out by golden voiced Katherine Hilgenberg, who brings rich texture to every note. The rousing June Is Busting Out All Over, sung to perfection by Hilgenberg, who even maintains a down eastern accent.

Hilgenberg was on the roster of the San Francisco Opera, as one of the leading contraltos, from 1955 through 1961, with over 35 roles.

Indeed, Hilgenberg is reason enough to purchase this CD.

Also in the classic category is the melodic Carousel Waltz, which replaced the standard overture.

Broadway Masterworks has just released a new CD of the 1965 Lincoln Center Production in Eco-Friendly Packaging. Carousel is a basic requirement for any CD collection.

The original cast on this CD includes John Raitt as Billy, Susan Watson as Carrie, Eileen Christy as Julie Jordan, contralto Katherine Hilgenberg, Reid Shelton as Mr. Snow and Jerry Orbach as Paul the Puppeteer.

Franz Allers conducted the orchestra. The recording engineer was Ernie Detrich. Remastered by Arthur M. Fierro, supervisor. Joaquin J. Lopes, engineer.

The original production opened on Broadway on April 19, 1945, and ran for 890 performances. Enjoy it in your own home with this CD.


They'll be shakin' their tail feathers - or remembering the days of yore when they did - at the Burlesque Hall Of Fame's 20th anniversary week-end romp which takes place June 3-6 at The Plaza Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Did you know that there is a Finishing School for burlesque dancers? There is. Ya gotta have a gimmick and Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School Master Classes will help you polish that bump and grind.

Top talent scheduled to appear include: Miss Exotic World 2009 Kalani Kokonuts known as The Polynesian Princess. She has been entertaining audiences for ten years with her special brand of off center vaudeville style performances.

Angie Pontani
Miss Exotic World 2008 Angie Pontani lives in Coney Island, in New York City. She is the co-producer and star of the Off Broadway show This Is Burlesque at Corio Supper Club. Angie was crowned Miss Cyclone in 2007 in honor of the historic roller coaster The Coney Island Cyclone. She is currently still the title holder and is very active in the fight to save Coney Island from rezoning that would jeopardize the amusement district.

Michelle L'amour, Miss Exotic World 2006, performed stripteases on NBC's America's Got Talent and Showtime's Sexual Healing. Her tagline is "The Ass That Goes POW!" and she sells related promotional products such as The Michelle L'amour Signature Fanny Facial.

Also on board are Immodesty Blaize (Miss Exotic World 2007, star of British stage and TV), Whitney Biennial artist Julie Atlas Muz (Miss Exotic World 2006, Law and Order); Dirty Martini (Miss Exotic World 2004), Kitten DeVille (Miss Exotic World 2002, Auto Focus); along with more than 100 of the world's top neo-burlesque acts.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend also includes a Striptease Reunion, now in its 53rd year, at which newer performers can learn tricks of the trade from surviving superstars of the 1940s, '50s and '60s. Gravity gets to everything. We can only hope that when those Medicare strippers grab for something to twirl it's a tassel.

Michelle L'amour
"The living legends love to be there with all the wonderful girls who come from all over the world to celebrate an American tradition," said Burlesque Hall of Fame curator Dixie Evans, herself a retired dancer who was dubbed "The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque" by legendary promoter Harold Minsky. "Burlesque is much more than striptease, it combines the whole live experience of dancers, comedians and music."

Why isn't Joan Rivers at this event doing color commentary?

Among the many activities slated over the weekend are Friday's "Titans of Tease" Burlesque Reunion Showcase and Saturday night's main event, the 20th Annual Burlesque Competition. Called the "Striptease Olympics" by the London Daily Mirror, it is the most prestigious competitive burlesque event in the world; drawing bump 'n' grind's best of the best, year after year, from Tokyo to Toronto. Titles up for the taking include: Best Debut - Best Group - Best Boylesque - Best Variety Act, and of course 2010's Reigning Queen of Burlesque.

Also scheduled is the grand re-opening of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum in the heart of Glitter Gulch, featuring a special ribbon-cutting ceremony with Dixie Evans and Mayor Oscar Goodman on June 4.

However, Las Vegas doesn't have a lock on the G-string marketplace.

Last Friday, May 27, Brooklyn’s native son was honored through one of the best ways possible, according to the release - burlesque - in the show The Jazz Stripper at Coney Island’s Burlesque at the Beach.

“What better way to celebrate Coney Island than with a show combining two of my deepest and most abiding loves - burlesque and Neil Diamond?” said host and producer Nasty Canasta, who’s had a lifelong appreciation of the man known as The Jewish Elvis. “After all, we were both born right here in Brooklyn - and we were both naked at the time!”

Nasty Canasta
Canasta is frequently hailed as a genius of the neo-burlesque scene and is also the reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island. Nasty is the co-producer of Pinchbottom Burlesque, the producer and host of Sweet & Nasty Burleaque, and the featured performer in the New York branch of Naked Girls Reading. She received the first-ever Most Innovative award from The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

The Coney Island extravaganza premiered in Williamsburg in February, 2009; this rare repeat performance featured old favorites, new surprises, the return of the Neil Or No Neil trivia contest, and a special finale tribute to the Lounge Dylan.

It was a Diamond-studded night of tassel-twirling tributes to the singer-songwriter, with performances by host Canasta, plus the macabre Creamy Stevens, the exotic Gal Friday, and the quirky Sapphire Jones. From the male front, Bastard Keith and Tigger will be supplying some entertaining boylesque.

If you missed that and can't get to Vegas this week-end, fear not - there is always Chicago.

Superstars of Burlesque will be a two-night event - August 20 and 21, 2010 - that will feature performers like Michelle L’amour, Angie Pontani, Dirty Martini, Hot Toddy (Reigning King of Burlesque 2009), Pinchbottom Burlesque (Most Innovative/Burlesque Hall of Fame 2006) and Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey (Best Duo/Burlesque Hall of Fame 2006) and many many more. Promoters promise that "There will be so much hotness under one roof, people will be looking for Mrs. O’Leary’s cow."


Get your Geek on.

John Lithgow will narrate the world premiere of Philip Glass, Brian Greene and David Henry Hwang's Icarus at the Edge of Time
The 3rd annual World Science Festival comes to New York beginning June 2, where the high intellect types, who banter quantum mechanics as casual chit-chat, will study The Science of Star Trek, attend A Performing Arts Salute To Science, discuss music, art, eye candy, listen to a 62-piece orchestral work and be in the same room with stars of stage and screen.

Those characters in the hit television series The Big Bang Theory would be sooooo jealous.

John Lithgow will narrate the world premiere of Philip Glass, Brian Greene and David Henry Hwang's Icarus at the Edge of Time on June 2 at Alice Tully Hall. The presentation is part of the opening gala which will be directed by Damian Woetzel.

Icarus at the Edge of Time, which re-imagines the Greek myth asking what would happen if the hero flew not to the sun, but a black hole, will be performed by The Orchestra of St. Luke's, conducted by Brad Lubman. In addition Alan Alda, Yo-Yo Ma, and Kelli O'Hara are also scheduled to perform at the gala whose co-chairs are Marilyn and Jim Simons and Ann Ziff.

Alan Alda will help honor physicist Stephen W. Hawking
Renowned physicist Stephen W. Hawking will be honored in a star-studded salute to science, featuring actor and author Alan Alda, acclaimed poet Elizabeth Alexander, comic star of South Pacific Danny Burstein, New York City Ballet principal dancer Tiler Peck, violinist Arturo Delmoni, jazz sensation Eldar Djangirov, award-winning Broadway stars Rebecca Luker and Kelli O’Hara, famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, American Ballet Theatre principal dancer David Hallberg, soprano Emalie Savoy, Broadway music director/conductor Todd Ellison, the Young Men's Division of the Young People's Chorus of New York City, Silk Road Ensemble artists, and other special guests.

Icarus at the Edge of Time is commissioned and co-produced by the World Science Festival (New York) and Southbank Centre (London) with The Royal Society. Co-commissioned by Associazione Festival della Scienza with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and Glasgow’s Concert Halls.

Other Festival offerings of interest to the performing arts community include The Moth: Grey Matter on Thursday, June 3, at Webster Hall. Presented with New York's innovative storytelling organization, The Moth, scientists, writers and performance artists tell on-stage stories about their personal relationship with science. In keeping with Moth tradition, each story must be true, and told without notes in ten minutes. The result is a poignant, hilarious and always unpredictable evening of storytelling and science.

Machover and Minsky: Making Music in the Dome takes place Thursday, June 3, at the Hayden Planetarium Space Theater. How does music help order emerge from the mind's chaos? How does it create and conjure thoughts, emotions and memories? Legendary composer and inventor Tod Machover will explore these mysteries with Artificial Intelligence visionary Marvin Minsky.

Also on June 3 is Eye Candy: Science, Sight, Art taking place at the Kimmel Center.

Are you drawn to Impressionism? Or more toward 3D computer art? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is it? Contrary to the old adage, there may be universal biological principles that drive art’s appeal, and its capacity to engage our brains and our interest. Through artworks ranging from post-modernism to political caricature to 3D film, we’ll examine newly understood principles of visual perception.

Good Vibration: The Science of Sound is slated for Thursday, June 3 at The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College.

We look around us - constantly. But how often do we listen around us? Sound is critically important to our bodies and brains, and to the wider natural world. In the womb, we hear before we see. Join neuroscientists, biophysicists, astrophysicists, composers and musicians for a fascinating journey through the nature of sound - how we perceive it, how it acts upon us and how it profoundly affects our well-being. The event includes a demonstration of sounds produced by sources as varied as the human inner ear and the creation of the universe itself. Good Vibrations: The Science of Sound features Jamshed Bharucha; Chris Shera; Michael Turner; Mark Whittle and Jacob Kirkegaard.

The Science of Star Trek is on stage
Karole Armitage
Friday, June 4, at the Galapagos Art Space. The original Star Trek and its numerous successors were far ahead of their time, but just how far? Will science eventually catch up to this series’ nearly five-decade-old creations? Explore the plausibility of scientific phenomena from the Star Trek universe, including warp speed, time travel, humanoid aliens and whether anyone in our universe will be "beamed up" by transporter anytime soon. A conversation with Lawrence Krauss, moderated by Faith Salie.

Internationally renowned choreographer Karole Armitage has created a stunning dance of high-speed duets, sensual undulating moves and shape-shifting formations for the New York premiere of Three Theories, which was inspired by Brian Greene's book, The Elegant Universe.

Friday, June 4, at the Cedar Lake Theatre featuring Michio Kaku, Lawrence Krauss and Janna Levin.

What’s it like to face a faceless world? Acclaimed neurologist Oliver Sacks once apologized for almost bumping into a large bearded man, only to realize he was speaking to a mirror. Sacks and photorealist painter Chuck Close - geniuses from opposite ends of the creative spectrum - share their experiences of living with a curious condition known as “face blindness,” or prosopagnosia on Friday, June 4, a The Kaye Playhouse at Hinter College in Strangers in the Mirror. The two will discuss the challenges of maintaining interpersonal relationships-- when even family and close friends appear as strangers.

Mix math with magic and the result is - Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin, who returns in an encore presentation delivering mesmerizing feats of mental mathematical gymnastics. Benjamin will divulge his secrets of doing lightning-fast mental math. Saturday, June 5 at the Tishman Auditorium at The New School.

Consciousness: Explored and Explained takes place Saturday, June 5 at The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Consciousness is a terrible curse. Or so says a character in screenwriter/director Charlie Kaufman’s Being John Malkovich. Part theater of the absurd and part neuroscience fiction, the Oscar-winning filmmaker’s work captures the splintering between what we perceive and what we feel as our brains grapple with multiple layers of reality. Neuroscientist Giulio Tononi, one of the world’s leading sleep researchers, casts new light on the science of the mind, probing where and how consciousness is generated in the brain.


BRAVO BROADWAY 40th Anniversary Gala Concert to benefit the Alzheimer's Association takes place June 5.

The City of Fairfax Band, Robert Pouliot, Music Director, joins the Alzheimer's Association in presenting a gala concert and fundraiser featuring Broadway artists: Tony winners Debbie Gravitte and Michael Maguire and current Tony and Drama Desk nominee, Christiane Noll in Bravo Broadway.

The program includes music from Mamma Mia, Chicago, Cats, Funny Girl, Phantom of the Opera, and more.

A special performance of The Shining City, narrated by Newt Gingrich, will play tribute to Alzheimer's victim, President Ronald Reagan.

All concert proceeds will benefit the work of the Alzheimer's Association.

June 5 at George Mason University Center for the Arts, Fairfax, Virginia.

AMERICAN THEATRE WING'S ANNUAL SING GALA CELEBRATES HEART AND SOUL: THE LEGACY OF FRANK LOESSER the event that kicks off the final week's run-up to the Tony Awards, will be held on Monday, June 7th at Cipriani 42nd Street. Heart and Soul: The Legacy of Frank Loesser will celebrate the centennial of the composer famous for the scores of the Tony Award winning musicals Guys and Dolls and How to Succeed in Business Without Trying - and many more - as well as honoring companies he founded: Music Theatre International and Frank Music Corporation.

The evening's honorary chairs are Susan Loesser, John Loesser, Emily Loesser Stephenson and ATW's longest serving board member Jo Loesser. The Gala Co-Chairs are Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Jacquin P. Fink, Freddie Gershon and ATW Board members Theodore S. Chapin and Douglas B. Leeds.

All proceeds from the evening will benefit the education and outreach programs of the American Theatre Wing. The evening includes cocktails, dinner and performances.

THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS the annual benefit for the Red Bull Theater takes place Monday, June 7, at the Ramscale Penthouse in NYC. Join host Michael Cerveris, with special guests Robert Cuccioli, Paige Davis, Roberta Maxwell, Patrick Page, Laila Robins, and more for an evening featuring flamenco dancer Rebeca Tomas, guest performer Malcolm Gets, fine dining, great company, and spectacular views. Come celebrate the Red Bull Theater as they honor four super contributors to classical theater in NYC - F. Murray Abraham, Michael Stuhlbarg, Howard Owens, and The Angelo Patri Middle School with The Matador Awards for Excellence in Classical Theater.

Honorary Benefit Toreadors; René Auberjonois, Lee Blessing, Eric Bogosian, Daniel Breaker, Kate Burton, Michael Cerveris, Robert Cuccioli, Richard Easton, Michael Emerson, Roberta Maxwell, Jefferson Mays, Patrick Page, Everett Quinton, Amy Irving, Dana Ivey, and Laila Robins.

Red Bull Theater (Jesse Berger, Artistic Director) is a New York-based theater company specializing in plays of heightened language. With a unique focus on the Jacobean plays of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, Red Bull Theater embraces the imagination of theatergoers through intimate, evocative productions of great classic stories.

EVENING UNDER THE STARS Edward Herrmann, Jill Clayburgh and Rick Trabucco will headline Chasing the Tiger, a page-to-stage dramatization of Gail Sheehy's new book, Passages in Caregiving. The actors will perform the play, narrated Sheehy, on Saturday, June 5 at the Lakeville United Methodist Church in Connecticut. The event, which also includes a post-show gala reception, will benefit Community Mental Health Affiliates Northwest Center for Family Services.

STARS AND SONGS OF BROADWAY a free concert in support of the gardens at Tudor City Greens, hosted by Raissa Katona Bennet from Phantom of the Opera. Featuring Kristy Cates of Wicked, MAC Award winners Richard Skipper, Hector Corls and Karen Oberlin, cabaret artists Shana Farr and Valerie Lemon, Zachary James from The Addams Family, and Jana Robbins of Gypsy.

Musical directors: David Caldwell, Jeff Cubeta, Kenneth Gartman and Bill Zeffiro.

June 1 with a rain date set as June 2nd.

Tudor City Greens, Inc. (the Greens) is a New York not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve and enhance Tudor City's two landmarked parks which are located on Tudor City Place on either side of East 42nd Street.


script-in-hand reading of Leonard Gershe's classic, takes place at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport, CT on Monday, June 7. Mark Shanahan will direct the sold out event.

Originally performed at the Playhouse in 1969, the hit comedy and its original stars return to the Playhouse for one night with Keir Dullea hosting the evening and Blythe Danner playing the over-protective mother. Joining Danner on-stage will be Jonathan Groff as the self-reliant sightless man, Betty Gilpin as the kooky free-spirited actress who tries to help him break from his mother's smothering influence and Andrew Grusetskie as the playboy director who threatens their new-found love.

AN EVENING WITH ADRIAN NOBLE a free lecture and open forum to be held in the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego on Wednesday, June 2. The hour and a half event which will feature opening remarks by Old Globe Executive Producer Lou Spisto.

Adrian Noble is the Artistic Director of the Globe’s 2010 Shakespeare Festival and the author of How to Do Shakespeare, a guide to performing, listening to and appreciating the works of Shakespeare. Noble will discuss his approach to the perennial issues of performing Shakespeare sprinkled with anecdotes drawn from his several decades of directing experience and answer questions from the audience. Noble will direct the Shakespeare Festival’s productions of King Lear (June 12 – Sept. 23) and Alan Bennett’s The Madness of George III (June 19 – Sept. 24). Reservations are required for this free event.

THE MEXICAN MEDEA a musical drama by Hector Armienta. A staged reading as part of the York Theatre's Developmental Reading Series. The cast features Venuz Delmar, Leilah Dione Ezra, Lina Gallegos, Anna Katherine Montgomery and Tamra Paselk. The reading is directed by J. Esquea.

A young Xochil Indian girl fell desperately in love with a man of Spanish lineage, and the great Xochil river has never forgiven her. Twenty years later she is married, and now the river will take its revenge upon her. Her husband will betray her, she will go mad, and the river will torment her until she sacrifices her only child. This is the legend of La Llorona - the Weeping Woman.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010 in NYC at The York Theatre Company which is the only theater in New York City - and one of very few in the world - dedicated to developing and fully producing new musicals and preserving neglected, notable shows from the past.


BONO 50, frontman for U2, who had emergency back surgery to stave off possible paralysis. Bono suffered an injury while training for the Glastonbury Festival and a US tour.

Bono will require two months of recuperation for a full recovery.

U2 have pulled out of their June 25 headline date at the Glastonbury Festival - for which they had written a new song - and postponed their 16-date June and July US tour. Damon Albarn's virtual pop band Gorillaz will replace U2 at the Glastonbury Festival.

by Arthur Miller. Directed by Howard Davies.

Starring David Suchet and Zoë Wanamaker along with Stephen Campbell Moore (as Chris), Jemima Rooper (as Ann) and Daniel Lapaine (as George Deever).

All My Sons was the first great success of Arthur Miller. It's a compelling story of love, guilt and the corrupting power of greed. Joe Keller (David Suchet) is alleged to have supplied World War II fighter planes with defective engines, leading to the deaths of innocent pilots - a crime for which his business partner took the fall. One of Keller's sons, himself a pilot, is thought to have been killed in action. But his mother (Zoe Wanamaker) can't accept his death and equally, can't accept that her dead son's fiancée has transferred her affections to her other son. The confrontations that ensue lead to the uncovering of a shameful family secret.

The creative team includes; set designer William Dudley, lighting designer Mark Henderson, composer Dominic Muldowney and sound designer Paul Groothuis.

All My Sons originally premiered on Broadway in 1947, and won the 1947 Tony Award for Best Play.

Officially opened May 27 at the Apollo Theatre in London.

LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT by Eugene O'Neill. Directed by Andrew Upton.

With William Hurt, Luke Mullins, Robyn Nevin, Emily Russell and Todd Van Voris.

In this magnificent Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Eugene O’Neill paints a vivid and disturbing portrait of a family tormented by the past and paralyzed by the prospect of the future.

Actor James Tyrone (William Hurt), his wife Mary (Robyn Nevin) and their two adult sons James and Edmund, have retreated to their Connecticut holiday house where they will be ensconced for the summer. During the course of the ‘long day’ of the play’s title this family battles to unearth, and conceal, a series of appalling truths.

Tyrone towers over the family, his endless disappointment in his sons fuelling their alcoholism and propelling a vicious rivalry between them. Against doctor’s orders, Edmund drinks with abandon, drowning his sorrows as he awaits the results of a crucial medical examination. Meanwhile all three men monitor Mary’s every move, intent on protecting her from her own terrible addiction.

Set Designer - Michael Scott-Mitchell. Costume Designer - Tess Schofield. Lighting Designer - Nick Schlieper. Composer and Sound Designer - Max Lyandvert.

Rarely staged in Australia but frequently considered O’Neill’s major masterpiece, Long Day’s Journey Into Night, is a largely autobiographical work of gut-wrenching honesty and astonishing beauty. In celebration of the play’s enormous thematic and emotional landscape, this production will unfold on the grand stage of Sydney Theatre before transferring to Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

William Hurt began his association with Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre (ART) in 2004. This will be his third appearance at the ART. Hurt has long ties to Oregon. He made his stage debut at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival almost 30 years ago. He’ll be wallowing in O’Neill’s classic dysfunctional-family tale from August 13-19 at ART, after a run at the Sydney Theatre Co in Sydney, Australia beginning June 29.

SOUTH PACIFIC the production at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in NYC welcomes baritone William Michals to the role of Emile de Becque for a five week period from June 1 - July 4. The production's current Emile de Becque, Tony Award winner Paulo Szot, will be taking a leave of absence to fulfill a European opera engagement. Szot returns to South Pacific on July 6.

PETER PAN Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. Music by Mark Charlpa. Additional music by Jules Styne. Additional lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Based on the play by James M. Barrie.

Directed by Mark S. Hoebee. Choreography by Patti Colombo.

Starring Nancy Anderson in the title role. The production will also feature Douglas Sills (Captain Hook/Mr. Darling), Glory Crampton (Mrs. Darling), Hayley Podschun (Wendy), Jessica Lee Goldyn (Tiger Lily), and John O'Creagh (Smee).

The company will also include Randy Aaron, J. David Anderson, Adrian Arrieta, Jordan Barrow, Jack Broderick, Ryan Chotto, Dustin Clodfelter, Lauren Decierdo, Taurean Everett, Julian Farinas, Casey Garvin, Lewis Grosso, Justin Henry, Zachary Infante, Sarah Marie Jenkins, Josh Pins, Kathryn Raskin, Kyle Vaughn, Dane Wagner, Todd A. Walker, and Stephen Williams

Fly away with us to Neverland for a swashbuckling epic that delivers non-stop action, spell binding music and stunning choreography. A story so magical it actually takes flight! This smash hit musical adaptation of J.M. Barrie's classic story is a perennial favorite.

At the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ June 2-27, with the official opening on June 6.

THE ADVENTURES OF HERSHELE OSTROPOLYER Written, directed and choreographed by Eleanor Reissa.

Starring Mike Burstyn with Shane Baker, I. W. "Itzy" Firestone, Edward Furs, Daniella Rabbani, Dani Marcus, Steve Sterner, Nimmy Weisbrod and Lori Wilner.

Performed entirely in Yiddish, with English and Russian supertitles, the production is described as: "In this rollicking musical comedy, the beloved folk hero Hershele Ostropolyer, often referred to as the Jewish Robin Hood, battles injustice armed only with his wits. Ever resourceful, Hershele mobilizes an entire community to thwart the miserly Reb Kalmen, whose love for gold stands in the way of a young couple's love for one another. Just one encounter with Hershele and we promise his name will trip effortlessly off your tongue and the memory of his masterful ruse against avarice and deceit will turn cartwheels in your heart forever."

The production design team includes Roger Hanna scenic design. Kirk Bookman lighting design. Gail Cooper-Hecht costume design. Bruce Ellman sound design. Penny Ayn Maas is the associate choreographer.

Produced by the National Yiddish Theatre - Folksbiene. World premiere in previews, officially opens June 3 with performances through June 27 on the Nagelberg Theatre stage at The Baruch Performing Arts Center in NYC.

by Lillian Hellman.This is a revival of the rarely seen prequel to The Little Foxes.

Set in the deep South, Another Part of the Forest tells the story of the most “dysfunctional” family in all of American drama- the notorious Hubbards - wealthy, ruthless, and immoral - and their rise to prominence.

Directed by Peccadillo’s Artistic Director Dan Wackerman, the company includes Sherman Howard, Elizabeth Norment, Matthew Floyd Miller, Stephanie Wright Thompson, Ben Curtis, Kendall Rileigh, Christopher Kelly, Ryah Nixon, Christopher Lukas, Perri Gaffney, Anthony Wills Jr., and Oliver Buckingham.

The production will feature scenic design by Joseph Spirito, costume design by Amy C. Bradshaw, and lighting design by Kate Ashton.

“Peccadillo's production of Another Part of the Forest will keep the play in its proper time and place [Bowden, Alabama ca. 1880], but steer away from the ‘kitchen sink’ realism often associated with Hellman's plays,” stated Mr.Wackerman. “By simplifying the elements of the physical production, a skeletal reproduction of an ante-bellum mansion, for example, and costuming that recreates the Victorian silhouette but eliminates fussy detail, we hope to emphasize the universal and timeless aspects of the play- the psychological dynamics which make this family drama as relevant today as when it was written.”

Beginning Thursday, June 3, at Theatre at St. Clement’s in NYC. The June 7 opening night benefit performance and afterparty is sold out.

ARE YOU THERE ZEUS? IT'S ME, ELECTRA a new tragicomedy written and directed by NYIT award recipient Aliza Shane, as part of the 2nd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

The cast includes; Sierra Marcks, Cas Marino, James David Larson, David Michael Brown, Tim Mele, Kerri Ford, Carley Colbert, Felicia Blum, Ashley Lovell, and Kate Dickinson.

Electra is angry, ruthless, and hell-bent on revenge. Too bad she’s only 16…

Electra is determined to avenge her father Agamemnon’s death. Unfortunately, she’s powerless - a teenager stuck at home with nothing but a Greek chorus that just won’t go away. She will need to band together with her long-lost brother, their dim-witted sister, their trusted friend, and a torrent of raging hormones to set her plot for revenge in motion. But will vengeance lead to happiness? And why does puberty have to be so tragic?

This new tragicomedy based on the classic Greek tragedy of Electra. Electra is an odd Greek tragedy, in that it appears to be about a central female character, but Electra spends the entire time waiting for a man to show up on his proverbial white horse and make things happen. The story has always been about the one true heir Orestes; he is the conquering hero, returning home to save the day and all Electra can do is wait and lament… and then lament some more. But what if the story really was Electra’s? What if she grew to believe in her own power and gained the strength to fight back on her own terms? This new show examines the story from Electra’s perspective and mixes it with 90’s grunge rock for an authentic, angst-ridden, teenage experience.

Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Laura Hirschberg; Costume Designer: David Moyers; Lighting Designer: David Monroy.

Are You There Zeus? It’s Me, Electra benefits the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation (CCBF), which, since 1952, has supported the incredible work of the Division of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Planet Connections Theatre Festivity June 3- June 27, 2010. Gene Frankel Theatre, The Robert Moss Theater, NYC.

LEGALLY BLONDE THE MUSICAL The national tour stars Becky Gulsvig as Elle Woods, with Tony Award-winner Michael Rupert as Professor Callahan, Rhiannon Hansen as Margot, DB Bonds as Emmett, Natalie Joy Johnson as Paulette, Jeff McLean as Warner, Megan Lewis as Vivienne, Coleen Sexton as Brooke, Tiffany Engen as Serena, Lucia Spina as Enid, and Candice Marie Woods as Pilar. Also featured in the cast are Barry Anderson, Sara Andreas, Kyle Brown, Liberty Cogen, Ven Daniel, Brooke Leigh Engen, Paul Jackel, Jason Kappus, Ashley Moniz, Kathleen Elizabeth Monteleone, Rusty Mowery, Brian Patrick Murphy, CJay Hardy Philip, Jonathan Rayson, Constantine Rousouli, Sara Sheperd, and Josh Walden.

Legally Blonde follows sorority star Elle Woods, an underestimated blonde who doesn't take "no" for an answer. When her boyfriend dumps her for someone more "serious," Elle puts down the credit card, hits the books, and sets out to go where no Delta Nu has gone before: Harvard Law. Along the way, she proves that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

The national tour of Legally Blonde the Musical plays at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, June 1-6.

Prior to each performance of Legally Blonde, ticket-holders are invited to enjoy a free Prelude in the Prudential Hall lobby. Prelude performers include vocalists Kevin Melendez and Adam Bashian (June 1-2); the indie-pop trio double-breasted (June 3); the Evan Toth Trio, led by NJ-based rock-pop singer-songwriter Evan Toth (June 4); NJ-based pop-country singer-songwriter-guitarist Amanda Duncan (June 5 matinee) NJ-based soul singer-songwriter-pianist Joanna Burns (June 5 evening), and the Alex Collins Trio featuring vocalist Heidi Burgermaster, pianist Alex Collins, bassist Kuriko Tsugawa, and drummer Chris Brown (June 6).

WOMEN, POWER AND POLITICS, a group of short plays traces the history of women from Elizabeth I, through the Suffragettes, the Thatcher years, Greenham Common, and up to women in politics today in Great Britain - asking questions, and looking at the complexity of women and political power. Twelve playwrights have written a response to this issue through history to the present day. As part of the debate alongside this the Tricycle Cinema will focus on women in politics around the world, and the gallery will celebrate women in politics over the last 100 years.

Indhu Rubasingham will direct the pieces, which will feature design by Rosa Maggiora. The playwrights who will be contributing to the series include Bola Agbaje, Moira Buffini, Zinnie Harris, Sam Holcroft, Marie Jones, Lucy Kirkwood, Rebecca Lenkiewicz, Sue Townsend, and Joy Wilkinson. At the Tricycle Theatre, London, running June 4-July 17

HAMLET AND A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM kick off Theatricum Botanicum's 2010 Summer Repertory Season. Artistic director Ellen Geer directs Hamlet, opening on Saturday, June 5. Melora Marshall directs Theatricum's one-of-a-kind, signature production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, opening on Sunday, June 6.

Starring in Hamlet are Willow Geer performing the role of Ophelia; Susan Angelo and Melora Marshall alternate as Gertrude; Aaron Hendry is Claudius; Carl Palmer is Polonius; Alan Blumenfeld is Marcellus and the Gravedigger; and Paul Turbiak is Fortinbras. Also in the cast are Ben Acland, Rachel Appelbaum, Jonathan Blandino, Christine Breihan, Zach Brown, James Gallo, Christopher Greenwood, Tim Halligan, Matt Harrison, Matt Little, Cj Merriman, Lisa Nathans, Nathan Dean Snyder, Stefan Tabencki, Daniel Tobin and Alec Tomkiw.

A Midsummer Night's Dream features Michael Keith Allen, Susan Angelo, Rachel Binder, Lewis Blanchard, Jonathan Blandino, Christine Breihan, Zach Brown, James Cowan, Samara Frame, Lucero Garcia, Willow Geer, Christopher Greenwood, Norman Igar, Jon-Barrett Ingels, Leslie Josette, Dave Mack, David Marmor, Melora Marshall, Kaja Martin, Michael McFall, Christopher Parker, Cassadie Petersen, Earnestine Phillips, Alice Sherman, Rachae Thomas, Paul Turbiak, and Jeena Yi.

Both plays will run in repertory throughout the summer in the Theatricum's 299-seat outdoor amphitheater, carved into California's Topanga Canyon hillside.

Photo by Max Boschini
by Christopher Wall. Directed by Giovanna Sardelli.

Caught in the space between the past and present, four people revisit one life-changing event in Christopher Wall's new drama which was a finalist at the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference.

The storyline unfolds among a field of capsized washing machines and a rainstorm of grass to reveal a haunting story of lost love and childhood dreams.

The cast includes Stevie Ray Dallimire, Reyna de Courcy, Carla Harting and Ben Hollandsworth. The design team is: David Newell scenic designer, Traci Klainer lighting designer, Amy Clark costume designer, Charles Coes sound designer, and Mike Rossmy fight director.

Presented by The Playwrights Realm. Previews of this world premiere begin June 4th prior to an official press opening of June 10th Off-Broadway at The Cherry Lane Studio Theatre, NYC.


RAZZLE DAZZLE: THE LINDSAY YEARS ON BROADWAY John Lindsay was the Broadway mayor - responsible for creating the Special Theater Zoning District and TKTS ticket booth and renowned for hobnobbing with Broadway stars. The newest installment of the Museum of the City of New York's Perform series features selections from many of the shows that lit up the Broadway stage during John Lindsay’s years in City Hall. Highlights include songs from Chicago, Follies, On a Clear Day…, and Hair. The Razzle Dazzle show stars Brigid Brady, Penny Fuller, and Michael McElroy and is written and directed by Michael Montel, with Lawrence Yurman as musical director. June 5-6 at the Museum of the City of New York, NYC.

ROD STEWART comes to The O2 Arena in London for a storming performance presenting his unique brand of rock music. June 1st and June 3rd.

MICHAEL BUBLE finishes his European tour with a show Monday, May 31 at the Konig-Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany. On Tuesday the show is at the Color Line Arena in Hamburg.

JAMES TAYLOR AND CAROLE KING on stage Wednesday, June 6, at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC. On Thursday the show is at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, GA. Saturday finds the couple performing at BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE IGUANA with hosts Dana Lorge and Richard Skipper. Barry Levitt on keyboard & Saadi Zain on bass. Wednesday's guests include: Lindsay Aster, D'yan Forest, Helena Grenot, Cindy Marchionda and Pam Palmieri. June 2 at the Iguana VIP Lounge in NYC.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD brings her show to the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID on Tuesday, June 1. On Thursday she performs at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO. Friday finds her at the World Arena in Colorado Springs, CO.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND in the spotlight Tuesday, June 1, at The Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. On Wednesday the tour stops at the Performing Arts Center in Darien, NY. Friday they open a two nighter at the Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY.

ERIC CLAPTON performs this week in Sweden and Germany. Monday the performance is at the Arena in Malmo, Sweden. Wednesday the show is at the 02 World in Berlin. Thursday the tour stops at the Color Line Arena in Hamburg and on Saturday the performance is at Konigsplatz in Munich.

JACKSON BROWNE in England this week with a show Thursday, June 3, at Colston Hall in Briston and then a performance Friday at the city Hall in Sheffield.

BROOKS AND DUNN on stage Thursday, June 3, at the Civic Center in Charleston, WV. On Friday the show is at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC.

ELTON JOHN in the spotlight at the Arena in Belgrade, Serbia on Thursday, June 3.

PAUL ANKA sings Tuesday, June 1, at the Sala Palatului in Bucharest, Romania. On Thursday he stars at the Sportarena in Budapest.

JAMIE CULLUM has a busy week. On Monday the show is at the Tempodrom in Berlin. On Wednesday he performs at the Kolner Philharmonie in Cologne. Thursday the show is at the Laeiszhall in Hamburg, Germany. On Friday the tour moves to Denmark for a performance at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Saturday find the performer at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway.

KAREN OBERLIN will celebrate the centenary of composer-lyricist Frank Loesser in her cabaret show June 1-19 at the Algonquin Hotel's Oak Room in NYC.

NELLIS McKARY the singer-songwriter performs at Feinstein's at Lowe's Regency in NYC June 1-12,


MICHAEL KUCHWARA died on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at age 63.

Charlotte St. Martin, Executive Director of The Broadway League, commented, “Mike Kuchwara covered hundreds of shows during his career spanning almost three decades, and his reviews and features were seen and held in high esteem by millions of people. He tirelessly supported and encouraged the theatre industry worldwide.” She continued, “Mike’s likeable and intelligent presence was a comforting constant in the theatre community. He has always been one of the extra special people in our world, and will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.”

Mr. Kuchwara had been the drama critic and drama writer for the Associated Press since 1984. Before being named to that position, he worked for the AP in Chicago as a general assignment editor and reporter and in New York on its General (now National) Desk, the main editing desk for national news. Born in Scranton, PA, he is a graduate of Syracuse University, and has a master's degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. He is a past president of the New York Drama Critics' Circle, where he remained a very active member.

He is survived by his wife Johnnie and his sister, Pat Henley.

The marquees of Broadway theatres in New York were dimmed for one minute in his memory on Tuesday, May 25, in the traditional theatrical honor.

GARY COLEMAN died on May 28, 2010 at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah where he had been admitted on May 26, 2010, after falling, hitting his head and suffering an intracranial hemorrhage at his home in Santaguin, Utah. He was admitted in critical condition and by mid-afternoon on May 27, 2010, Coleman was unconscious and on life support. He was 42.

His life had been plagued by health and financial problems.

The actor was known for his childhood role as Arnold Jackson in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes Coleman is parodied in the hit Broadway musical Avenue Q, which won the 2004 Tony Award for best musical. A character presented as Coleman works as the superintendent of the apartment complex where the musical takes place. In the song, It Sucks to be Me, he laments his fate.

Following his death the off-Broadway cast of Avenue Q announced that the May 28, 2010 show would be dedicated to Coleman. They released a statement saying, "The creators, producers, and company of Avenue Q are terribly saddened to hear of the death of Gary Coleman, whose tremendous gifts brought delight and inspiration to audiences around the world. While everything in life may be only for now, we suspect that Gary's legacy will live on for many years to come. Gary's memory will certainly endure in the hearts and minds of those of us who live on Avenue Q. When the show concludes tonight at 10pm at New World Stages, Danielle K. Thomas, who portrays Mr. Coleman in the musical, will pay a tribute to him from the stage."

DENNIS HOPPER died at his home in the coastal Los Angeles suburb of Venice on the morning of May 29, 2010 due to complications from prostate cancer. He was 74.

Known primarily for his movie roles, he also gained respect as a director and artist.

He directed and starred in the low budget hit Easy Rider, going on to become a two-time Academy Award nominee. In March 2010, he was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

When he was ostracized by the Hollywood film studios due to his reputation for being a "difficult" actor, Hopper eventually turned to photography in the 1960s with a camera bought for him by his first wife, Brooke Hayward. He created the cover art for the 1966 Ike & Tina turner album River Deep - Mountain High.

Hopper was also a prolific painter and sculptor. His painting style ranges from abstract impressionism to photorealism and often includes references to his cinematic work and to other artists His art, dating to a 1955 painting, is the subject of a show opening July 11 at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen Contemporary space in downtown Los Angeles. The title of the exhibition, Double Standard, is taken from a 1961 Hopper photograph of two Standard Oil signs seen through an automobile windshield on historic Route 66 in Los Angeles.

Hopper married five times and had four children and two grandchildren.

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