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By: Laura Deni


Sally Rand with her infamous fan
Exotic dancing has been around forever. Superstars in the industry include Salome and those seven veils. She's the gal who danced for King Herod, as mentioned not once - nut twice - in the New Testament. Although the Bible records Salome's dance, the first mention of her removing seven veils occurs in Oscar Wilde's 1893 play Salome, which some have claimed as the origin of modern striptease. In 1907 Maud Allen gave a private performance of the dance to King Edward VII.

Modern ecdysiasts include Gypsy Rose Lee, Sally Rand and Miss Belle Jangles at Mugwumps strip club in Oregon in 1968 - credited with turning the poll into the preferred prop.

Many of the girls who ply the trade now depend upon bulls tipping in a bear market. That can requires more finesse than a dancer on a greased poll.

Angelina Spencer serves as Executive Director of ACE, the Association of Club Executives, a group that represents adult entertainment clubs - an industry that boasts 3,829 adult cabarets nationwide that employs over 500,000 people.

Executive Director of ACE, Angelina Spencer, a blonde with brains
Spencer spoke with Broadway To Vegas about the industry many thought was immune from a lousy economy. Traditionally in recessions certain businesses do well - pool halls, bowling, movies, strip clubs. Movies are still reeling in big bucks, but the take it all off crowd has experienced a chill.

"The economy has definitely affected our ACE Members. Most businesses report that revenue is down anywhere from 25%-80%. Midwest and northern rural areas have seen the worst hits to the adult entertainment business due to plant closings, layoffs and higher rates of unemployment," reported Spencer who holds degrees from Ursuline College (Summa cum Laude) and Case Western University School of Law. She is co-owner of the Cleveland Penthouse Club - the first Penthouse Club in the nation. Spencer is a member of the First Amendment Lawyer's Association (FALA) and Psi Chi - the national honor society in psychology.

"The south east and CA, AZ, and Las Vegas are seeing an uptick in business although we speculate that this is due more to “snowbirds” fleeing the cold and visiting places such as Florida or Phoenix, than as a sign the economy is improving."

"Florida clubs along the coast are boasting some heavy business right now."

Las Vegas venues report that there is an influx of employment applications from both those returning to the trade to first timers desperate for a job.

"And you’re right," Spencer continued. "If the economy goes sour, we see a lot of ladies entering the industry...many for the first time. This creates an atmosphere of competition that can get quite fierce and is not for the faint of heart. Club managers will try to accommodate everyone who wants to work and place a lot of ladies on a shift. Then the ladies get mad at the club because there are too many dancers working, yet no one is willing or wants to go home because they need the money."

It might be added that strippers who have had some training in acting, ballet, acrobatics or jazz dance - don't do drugs and act professional have an edge in scoring better tips.

"As a former entertainer and club owner, I have seen economies wax and wane," Spencer continued. "If you’re an entertainer, there are a couple of things you can do:

Lola Bel Aire performing a striptease.
1. it is very easy to be “above average” in any industry because most people have forgotten the art of customer service. Research and read online articles about body language, conversation, etiquette, style and pretend that everyone you meet in the club is royalty or a celebrity. Ladies think they have to have the largest breasts or be the most beautiful to make money, but I have witnessed over and over again that the ladies who make the most money are the ladies who can relate to customers, listen, make them laugh and are possessed of stellar personalities. If you are a bitchy whiner and that carries over to your clients, you’re in the wrong industry. Think about the people you love to be around and become a dancer you’re also a de facto actress, counselor, princess, Goddess and gatekeeper of secrets...carry yourself with a potent combination of grace, sensuality, wit, charm and intelligence!

2. if you’re a dancer working in a bad economy my best advice is stop spending your cash! And develop a savings plan. One thing that dancers rarely do is save for bad economies. Keep a diary of every penny you spend. Carry it with you. You’ll be amazed at how much you piss away at the mall, bars or beauty salons. Get yourself on a budget. Budgets may be boring as hell but they are a lot better than stressing over whether or not you’ll make the rent this month. A lot of women don’t realize this, but if you are 20 years old and save $300-$400 per week and only work 4 shifts per week and take a four week vacation every year, you can retire at the age of 35 with over a million dollars in the bank on a conservative 10% return on your investment," she said reflecting back to the investment return possibilities prior to the economic nosedive - although many investments within the adult industry have done quite well. Piggy banks are cheap. Keeping what you've got is better than having a zero nest egg and even a 2-4 percent CD return adds up.

Spencer began her dancing career at the age of 19 and made a lot of financial blunders.

"I spent every penny I earned and at 22 had nothing to show on my dance card except a pocket full of good times and a lot of hangovers," she confessed.

It didn't take her long to wise up.

"At 22, I befriended a banker who showed me how my money can work for me! Find a banker and pick his/her brain because they give you great advice and its free."

"I set myself up as a business. I paid taxes on my money because I learned that when you pay taxes on your tips, you can get lines of credit, credit cards, and buy real estate, which builds your wealth. In fact, if you pay taxes on your tips, you will actually have three times the wealth," she advised and we might add - you'll also be staying on the good side of the IRS.

"I bought into a club. I continued to dance and save but now I had the money I made as a dancer, the money I was receiving as a club owner, and the money vested in real estate all working for me. I eventually sold the club, bought a home in Naples Florida, and opened a PR Firm on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C."

"Because I had the discipline to save during my younger years, I am able to enjoy a great lifestyle in my forties... and contrary to popular belief there is nothing more sexy than a fit 40 year old woman minding her own dimes! And will be forty someday! What then? Will you live where you choose and be the manager or your own money? Or will you be a slave to money and be forced to work until you’re dead because you failed to plan?"

"Sex sells. And in America there is no business like show it all business," Spencer espoused. "There are few industries in this country that generate more revenue that the adult industry."

"In some cities, like Atlanta, all the major sport teams could play to sell out crowds and still not come close to competing with the $240 million per year economic impact of adult business there. In the United States the "gentlemen's club" industry ears a respectable $15 billion share of the $75 billion dollar global adult entertainment market."

In an article written by Jerry Davich, Forbes magazine reported that Americans spend more money at Strip clubs that at Broadway shows, regional theater and classical orchestras combined.

Strippers - learn to manage your money!

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is the newest exhibit at the Stroud Mansion in Stroudsburg, PA. From the earliest of times until the late 1700s, no substantial progress had been made in lamp design. From hollowed out stones of the prehistoric era to open iron pans and candles, animal fat and grease were used to fuel crude early lighting devices. In 1787, John Miles of England patented his lamp featuring the first enclosed non-spillable reservoir for oil with a wick supported above the oil pool.

Over the next century different types and styles of lamps, burners and fuel were invented, used and improved. In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb that marked the end of the centuries-long open flame era. This new source of light allowed for illumination 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without attention.

Running until October, 2009 the exhibit showcases a variety of lamp styles and functions.

Located in the Stroud Mansion & Elizabeth D. Walters Library the historic 1795 Stroud Mansion is considered an excellent example of Georgian-style architecture. The 12-room hours, an imposing structure for its time, was built by Jacob Stroud, founder of Stroudsburg and a Revolutionary War colonel, as a home for his eldest son, John. The property remained in the Stroud family until 1893. Since 1921, it has been home to the Monroe County Historical Association. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and features such classical details as a symmetrical facade, flat-arch window lintels with pronounced keystones, simulated stone walls and quoins that accentuate the corners, plus tooth-like dentils beneath the cornice. The Stroud Mansion museum offers four floors of exhibit space. Featured room include an authentic Colonial-era cellar kitchen, the early 18th Century Stroud Room, and a Victorian parlor, as well as a tool and weapons room, antique toy room and a textile collection. Portraits displayed throughout the building include figures of local and national interest.

Michael Sheen (r) with Frank Langella, as President Nixon, in Frost/Nixon
has included members of the arts.

More than 70 per cent of 966 honors went to local heroes. 10 percent of the honors were bestowed upon people in education. Health works made up 8 percent of the list.

In the arts, Terry Pratchett, 60, the author of the Discworld series of novels that have sold more than 55 million copies worldwide was made a CBE as was Robert Plant, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. The band, which has sold 300 million albums worldwide, reunited for a single show at London's O2 arena.

There was also an OBE for the actor Michael Sheen, 39, acclaimed for his portrayal of Sir David Frost in the play Frost/Nixon.

Another to be honored in the arts world was the British jazz musician Courtney Pine, who was made a CBE for services to music.

The actress Betty Smith, known as Liz Smith, becomes an MBE. The 87-year-old found fame for her roles in The Vicar of Dibley and The Royale Family, in which she played Nana.

While all honors come from The Queen, the list is actually controlled by the Prime Minister after being drawn up by the Ceremonial Secretariat, which reports to a Cabinet Committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell. That committee has eight sub-committees that sift through nominations from different branches of public life.


THE KIDS AT MT. WASHINGTON PEDIATRIC HOSPITAL again benefit from a performance by Slim Man who was nominated for International Vocalist of the Year at the Smooth Jazz Awards in Canada.

At the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD on Sunday, January 11, which is right around his birthday, the performer is asking all attending to bring gifts. Not for him. But for the kids at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital. They need toys without fabric, books, and clothes from babies born prematurely to adolescents. Everything will be collected at the door, and then the gifts will be taken to the hospital.

GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND AND GOD'S LOVE WE DELIVER have long benefited from Joan Rivers. On January 6-7 the sassy comic will be workshopping new material at The Cutting Room in NYC. Tickets are $30. and all proceeds benefit those two charities.


NORTH SHORE MUSIC THEATER launches Save Our Theatre Appeal. Located in Beverly, MA the not-for-profit venue), faced with reality of the current economic crisis, announced on December 29 that without immediate philanthropic support it will close its doors after 55 years of providing performing arts and educational programming to millions. The Theatre's leadership is urging the public to show its support by purchasing tickets ) to the remaining performances of Disney High School Musical 2, which runs through January 11th.

Effects of the crumpling economy, lower than expected donations and ticket sales all season long have left the theatre unable to cover its operating costs - a national decade-long trend that is impacting theaters across the country. Further compounding the problem is debt that resulted from a devastating fire in 2005 that forced the theatre to make a major investment in its facilities. ( See Broadway To Vegas column of August 14, 2005 ) and ( See Broadway To Vegas column of November 20, 2005 )

"The theatre entered 2008 with a balanced budget that trimmed $1 million in expenses, but its projected revenue from tickets sales has fallen critically short of the goal. Over the last several months, the theatre's leadership has been focused on devising strategies that would keep the theatre alive and well, including the development of a new business model for the performance season, a possible land sale, and philanthropic outreach. Despite efforts by NSMT to reduce operating expenses and streamline business practices over the last several years, the severity and speed of the economic downturn has outpaced the theatre's ability to restore its economic health. Employees have been notified of lay offs effective January 11, 2009, when the theatre ends its performance season, reads the official statement.

"We had been making solid progress on all fronts, however, with the economic situation so dire, we've run out of time," says David Fellows, Chairman of NSMT's Board. "To keep the doors open, we need an immediate infusion of nearly a half-million dollars by the end of January and overall support of as much as $4 million by late spring to secure programming for next season. We are hopeful that our friends and supporters can help save this phenomenal cultural resource and we are appealing for widespread support."

North Shore Music Theatre, which began operating in 1955, is the largest non-profit producing theatre in New England.

NEW MONEY FOR HAIR PR guru/award winning producer Jeffrey Richards and his partner Jerry Frankel - the producing team behind the Tony Award-winning musical Spring Awakening, have taken over as lead producers for the Broadway revival of Hair. The Public Theater, which had a tough time raising enough money to mount its critically successful summer revival of the musical made the announcement last Thursday. Elizabeth I. McCann, who had been the show’s lead producer since the Public began working to move the production to Broadway, will continue with the project, but in a reduced role that was not spelled out by Oskar Eustis, the artistic director of the Public Theater. Mr. Eustis also announced that Eden Espinosa would join the Broadway cast in the leading role of Sheila. The show will now open March 31 at the Al Hirschfeld Theater.

CAROUSEL DINNER THEATRE IN AKRON, OHIO closed its doors without warning after Friday night's performance - January 3, 2009 - of All Shook Up. As first reported by the Beacon Journal, and then picked up by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the final curtain fell on an institution that has been serving meals and Broadway musicals to hundreds of thousands of Northeast Ohioans hungry for live entertainment. The Carousel, the Cleveland-area's only dinner theater seats 800 and simply announced on Friday that it will go out of business. Period.

The newspaper reported "that means hundreds, if not thousands, of patrons who already signed up for the 2009 season of six shows -- which had been scheduled to begin Wednesday (January 7) - will be owed refunds. Season tickets for prime seats cost $309.

The Beacon Journal reported that the closure had been announced to the Carousel's 150 staff members on New Year's Eve. Artistic director Sean Cercone said the theater, which staged shows six days a week, would issue a more complete statement Monday (January 5). Cleveland-area theater managers and artists reacted with shock at the closing of a venue which claimed to be the most popular live entertainment spot in Akron with the largest group ticket sales in Northeast Ohio.

The Carousel, which has contracts with the Actors' Equity Association, the American Federation of Musicians and the Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers, began in Ravenna in 1973 and moved in 1988 to its current home in Akron, a former nightclub.

THE CUTTING ROOM the New York City 5th floor performance space, owned by actor Chris Noth and musician Steve Walter, will shutter on January 13 due to an "untenable rent increase" according to a statement released by the co-owners. Comedian Joan Rivers who has used the venue to hone new material is the final act. Noth and Walter hope to relocate.


WOMEN WORKING IN THE THEATRE Costume designer Susan Hilferty who won a Tony for Wicked, and made her style known on Spring Awakening; Into the Woods, and Lestat, will be interviewed by Tony-winning producer Robyn Goodman. Sponsored by the League of Professional Theatre Women. Part of the Library's current exhibit Curtain Call: Celebrating a Century of Women Designing for Live Performance in the Bruno Walter Auditorium. The conversation takes place Monday, January 12, 2009 New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

2009 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL ROAD SHOW a free event for one day only on Sunday, January 11 at Barrow Street Theatre in Greenwich Village, NYC. Audiences can come listen to, and mingle with, an international panel of experts on producing at the annual Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest and best-established performing arts festival in the world. Featuring award-winning producers and members of the core Festival staff, this event is an opportunity for professionals and amateurs alike to learn how to succeed, and avoid the pitfalls, of producing in Edinburgh. The panel discussion will be followed by light refreshments and an opportunity for networking.

The Fringe, now entering its 62nd year, will be held from August 7-31, 2009, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Last year, the Fringe comprised 31,320 performances of 2,088 shows in 247 venues in just three weeks and sold over 1.7 million tickets. More than 2,000 theatre promoters and over 1,000 accredited members of the press attend the Fringe every year to scout or review shows. As a result hundreds of shows are able to tour after the Fringe as a result of participation. Maximizing these opportunities is just one of the subjects that will be covered at this event.

The Fringe is an open arts festival, which means that anyone can perform without any constraints from the Festival Fringe Society. This Society (commonly known as the Fringe Office) does not actually produce any of the shows or run venues. They do, however, help performers every step of the way to maximize their experience on the Fringe.

SPOTLIGHT ON MEMPHIS is a rare opportunity to meet the amazing talents behind the new Broadway-bound musical Memphis, including composer/lyricist David Bryan, who is a founding member and keyboardist of Bon Jovi, and bookwriter/lyricist Joe DiPietro for I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.

Hear the stars Chad Kimball, Montego Glover and David Bryan sing songs from the show. This free event takes place January 5, at the 5th Ave Theater in Seattle.

Memphis will be staged at the 5th Ave Theater January 27 - February 15, 2009.


Linda Lusardi as the Wicked Queen
All performers know that getting to the theater on time is crucial. Actress and glam gal Linda Lusardi, 50, took the motto to the extreme when she got caught in a traffic jam on her way to the Swan Theatre, High Wycombe about 40 miles from London. She dialed the emergency 999 number explained to the police that she was afraid she be late for a matinee performance of a pantomime version of Snow White, in which she is starring as the Wicked Queen.

She asked permission to drive down the hard shoulder, cutting around a long line of vehicles who were stuck in the jam.

The police didn't place the opening curtain on the same level as police cars or ambulances traveling with their lights and sirens activated.

A spokeswoman from Hertfordshire Police told the press: "She called us at 1.30 pm on Saturday asking for permission to use the hard shoulder. Obviously, we declined. 999 is for emergencies only."

"There hadn't been an accident, it was just heavy traffic."

"If someone was very ill or pregnant expecting a child we might be able to facilitate something like that - in an emergency - but clearly getting to a pantomime doesn't constitute that."

Starring Sam Kane and Linda Lusardi the production opened December 12 and runs through Jan 11. The engagement is billed as "With the spectacular family pantomime Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs starring Linda Lusardi fresh from her stint on ITV’s Dancing on Ice alongside her husband Sam Kane, who was last seen here at Wycombe Swan in Hot Flush the Musical. Following last year’s record breaking run and hugely popular Cinderella, this will be another dazzling fairytale guaranteed to melt everyone’s hearts. Fabulous sets, glittering costumes, side-splitting comedy and lots of fun for the whole family.


GYPSY the Broadway revival starring Tony winners Patti LuPone, Boyd Gaines and Laura Benanti takes its final bow at the St. James Theatre on Jan. 11, 2009 instead of the previously announced March 1, 2009. "Due to these uncertain financial times, my partners and I have made the difficult decision to close [earlier]," producer Roger Berlind explained in a statement December 14.

When it closes, the production will have played a total of 27 previews and 332 regular performances.

MAMMA MIA! ends its successful at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on January 4, 2009. The musical, which is the most successful Broadway show to ever be mounted in Sin City, premiered on February 13, 2003 More than 1 million people have attended the Las Vegas production.

STOMP OUT LOUD goes silent in Las Vegas on January 4, 2009. The production opened at Planet Hollywood on April 17, 2007.

THE CHERRY ORCHARD by Anton Chekhov. Adapted by Tom Stoppard. Directed by Academy Award winner Sam Mendes.

The transatlantic cast features directs a transatlantic company of actors Simon Russell Beale as Lopakhin, Sinead Cusack as Madame Ranevskaya, Rebecca Hall as Varya, Richard Easton as Firs, Josh Hamilton as Yasha, Ethan Hawke as Trofimov and Paul Jesson as Gaev.

Completing the cast are Aaron Krohn, Dakin Matthews, Michael Braun, Selina Cadell, Morven Christie, Charlotte Parry, Gary Powell, Tobias Segal, Mark Nelson, Hannah Stokely and Jessica Pollert Smith.

The first of two productions that will be presented at BAM as part of the Bridge Project - a collaboration between BAM, The Old Vic and Mendes' Neal Street Productions that unites actors from both sides of the Atlantic. ( See Broadway To Vegas column of April 8, 2007 )

In previews. Officially opens on January 14, running through March 8, in the Harvey Theatre.

Designing the Bridge Project works are Anthony Ward (set design), Catherine Zuber (costume design), Paul Pyant (lighting design), Paul Arditti (sound design) and Mark Bennett (music). Shrek choreographer Josh Prince choreographs with musical direction by Dan Lipton.

Following the BAM engagement, the Bridge Project company will play the Singapore Repertory Theatre, Auckland New Zealand's EDGE Performing Arts Centre, Madrid's Teatro Español, and Germany's Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen, before opening at The Old Vic in London for performances May–August 2009.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS adapted by Mark Brown directed by Bart DeLorenzo.

Starring Keythe Farley as Phileas Fogg, Joe Foust, Anna Khaja, Brian Stills, Michael Weber.

Hold on to your seats for the original Amazing Race! In one of the greatest adventure stories of all time, Phileas Fogg accepts an outrageous wager that puts his fortune and life at risk. It’s 1872, and the fearless adventurer and his resourceful valet brave stampeding elephants, raging typhoons, runaway trains, and more as they attempt to circle the globe in an unheard-of 80 days. Danger and romance abound in this whirlwind adventure, based on the beloved novel by Jules Verne.

January 9-February 1 at the Drury Theatre, Cleveland Playhouse which is the longest-running regional theatre in America. Cleveland, OH.

Susan Anton
welcomes Las Vegas resident Susan Anton, who will make her Follies guest star debut beginning January 7.

Anton co-starred in the original Broadway cast of Tommy Tune's Tony-Award winning musical, The Will Rogers Follies. Before that, she had done a straight dramatic role on the Great White Way in Hurlyburly, David Rabe's Pulitzer Prize-winning play directed by Mike Nichols. She co-starred in the Las Vegas production of the Broadway musical, Hairspray, opposite Harvey Fierstein.

Susan Anton on center stage as guest star of The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies from January 7 - March 7, and then again, May 13-17. The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies has been seen by nearly three million patrons, and celebrates the music and dance of the '40s, '50s and '60s with a cast ranging in age from 55 to 85 years young. The show features lavish, Broadway-caliber production numbers and plays five days a week, late October through May 17. The Follies is housed in downtown Palm Springs' historic Plaza Theatre-a charming, neon-encrusted, storybook old movie house-and is an attraction unto itself.

GLASS MENAGERIE by Tennessee Williams.

Unseen on the Rep's stage in more than 20 years. Directed by David Cromer who reinvents this classic at the Kansas City Rep's downtown Copaken Stage.

Cromer makes his KC Rep debut with The Glass Menagerie. His home base is Chicago where his productions have garnered a total of 16 Joseph Jefferson Awards including Best Production and Best Director for The Cider House Rules; The Price and Angels in America. His critically acclaimed Off-Broadway production of Adding Machine: A Musical recently won an Outer Critics Circle Award for Best New Musical and a Lucille Lortel award and an Obie award for outstanding direction.

Performances Jan. 9-Feb. 8. David Cromer will talk about his work live at the Rep's Meet the Creative Team event following the 7 p.m. performance on Sunday, January 12.

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG based on the MGM/United Artists Motion Picture. Music and Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman.

The stage version of the movie had a big production on Broadway in 2005 which ran for nine months. Now on tour, the production plays the Hippodrome Theatre January 6 – 18, 2009 in Baltimore, MD.

PARSONS DANCE presents a World Premiere collaboration with the lead vocalists and music of the Grammy Award-nominated East Village Opera Company (EVOC), featuring the music of the acclaimed rock opera band. Program A premieres the new evening-length work with EVOC’s two lead vocalists. Program B will feature Parsons Dance favorites: the jazzy Fill the Woods with Light; Swing Shift; Ebben; My Sweet Lord; Shining Star; and the stroboscopic Caught.>

David Parsons, Tyley Ross (lead male vocalist and co-founder of EVOC) and AnnMarie Milazzo (lead female vocalist) have created a storyline that connects EVOC’s signature operatic arias (fifteen songs from the band’s albums) with David Parsons’ original choreography. untitled is a thoroughly modern re-telling of a classic story of a tragic love triangle. With contemporary dance, aerial dance, live and recorded music, video projections, complex digital lighting and visual effects, untitled is the most ambitious production created by Parsons Dance in its 22 year history.

Peter Kiesewalter’s arrangements David Parsons’ choreography EVOC recently received a 2008 Grammy Award nomination, Best Classical Crossover Album, for their album Olde School (2008, Decca Records). EVOC’s signature works re-imagine opera arias as popular songs, including pieces by Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and Schubert. These classics collide with electric sounds from the golden era of rock and roll, pop, R&B, and soul, exploding into a mosaic of sound in a triumphant musical celebration.

Parsons Dance has a company of eleven full-time dancers and maintains a repertory of more than 70 works choreographed by David Parsons, twenty of which feature originally commissioned scores by leading composers and musicians, including Dave Matthews, Michael Gordon and Milton Nascimento. Parsons Dance has collaborated with many other leading artists, including Julie Taymor, William Ivey Long, Annie Leibovitz, Donna Karan and Alex Katz. Parsons Dance dancers are Julie Blume, Eric Bourne, Sarah Braverman, John Corsa, Kevin Fitzgerald Ferguson, Patty Foster, Zac Hammer, Natalie Lomonte, Miguel Quinones, Abby Silva, Billy Smith, apprentice dancer Steven Vaughn, and understudy Trista Jennings.

Parsons Dance will perform January 6 – 18, 2009 at The Joyce Theater, NYC.

HANGIN' OUT From the conceiver of Naked Boys Singing, Robert Schrock who also directs. Musical Direction by Gerald Sternbach. Choreography by Ken Roht.

An exploration of nudity in song and dance featuring songs by Adele Ahronheim, John Ballinger, Frank Evans, Chuck & Matt Hurewitz, Dan Kael, Jim Morgan, Ken Roht, Adryan Russ, Mark Savage, Ben Schaechter, Robert Schrock, Rayme Sciaroni, Phil Swann, Mark Winkler, Karole Forman, Ruff Yeager.

The cast of features Eric B. Anthony, Heather Capps, Karole Forman, Lana Harper, Marco Infante and Brent Keast.

The production will be supervised by Artistic Director Lewis Wilkenfeld. Set and Lighting Design by David Colbert and Costume Design by Mother Nature.

Previews on Thursday, January 8, officially opening on Friday, January 9 at Macha Theatre (formerly the Globe Playhouse), and is scheduled to run for six weeks through Sunday, February 15.

ROARING TRADE a topical, fast-paced new drama by Steve Thompson. Pressure is mounting on the bond traders’ floor. Millions stand to be lost or won. Jess is playing FTSE with the clients, PJ’s practicing his poker face for bonus day - hoping it’ll be Barbados - and superstar trader Donny’s in danger of losing his crown to the new boy. Could they be headed for more than a financial crisis?

Roaring Trade exposes just how far people go in high risk/high reward jobs.

With Jack O'Connor, Christian Roe, Andrew Scott, Nicolas Tennant, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Susan Vidler.

Designed by Kandis Cook. Lighting by Wolfgang Goebbel. Sound by Matt McKenzie.

January 7 - February 7, 2009 at the SOHO Theatre in London.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO Musical Direction by Michael Paternostro Directed and Choreographed by Troy Magino. Featuring a book by Erik Jackson and Ben H. Winters, and lyrics by Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield and Cody Philip.

The West Coast premiere featuring the hit songs of legendary musician Neil Sedaka. This high energy musical begins on Labor Day weekend in 1960, when two friends from Brooklyn seek romance and good times at a Catskills resort. Its presentation includes Sedaka favorites including Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen; Calendar Girl; Where The Boys Are; Stairway To Heaven; Oh Carol! and Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

The six-member cast includes Eileen Barnett, Nathan Holland, Julie Dixon Jackson, Jeff Leatherwood, Ryan Nearhoff, and Leslie Spencer Smith. Lighting Design and Sound Design are by, respectively, Jean-Yves Tessier and Jonathan Burke. Set design is by Andrew Hammer, while Debbie Roberts designs the costumes.

Presented by the Cabrillo Music Theatre Friday, January 9- Sunday, January 18 Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center - Fred Kavli Theatre, Thousand Oaks, CA.


AC/DC take to the stage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH on Monday, January 5, On Wednesday they re in the spotlight at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh. Friday the show is at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and next Sunday, they perform at the U.S.Bank Arena in Cincinnati.

NEIL DIAMOND performs tonight, Sunday, January 4, at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA. On Tuesday he'll be delighting the crowd at the Arena in Bakersfield, CA. On Thursday he's at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR.

BILLY JOEL entertains this evening, Sunday, January 4 at Seminole Hard Rock Live in Seminole, FL.

CELINE DION brings her act to the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Monday, January 5. On Wednesday she is at the AT&T Center in San Antonio. Friday finds her on stage at the Toyota Center in Houston and on Saturday she's on stage at the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans.

JOHNNY MATHIS on stage Tuesday, January 6 at Bass Hall in Fort Worth. On Thursday he's center stage at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio.

JULIE REYBURN a Nightlife Award Winner makes her Feinstein's debut on January 6th in a special One Night Only performance of her show It's A New World. Directed by Peter Napolitano, Julie is joined by her longtime Musical Director, Mark Janas and Bassist Ritt Henn performing a unique collection of celebrated standards, Broadway classics, and new works soon to become part of the American Songbook. Feinsteins, NYC.

JOSHUA BELL brings his violin to Peace Concert Hall in Greenville, SC on January 8.

JOHN LEGEND performs Thursday, at the Paramount Theatre in Denver. On Saturday he's in Las Vegas at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Hotel.

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