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By: Laura Deni


Alan King
It's difficult to keep Alan King quiet. Not even when he was being treated for jaw cancer, which necessitated his jaw being wired shut, was he silent. The entertainer, who started out as a ventriloquist, reverted back to those days. His doctors were stunned when they called his house to check on his progress and - King answered the phone.

King stars in the world premiere of Mr. Goldwyn, a one man show based on the life of one of the legendary creators of Hollywood, who was every bit as outspoken and tenacious as the man portraying him on stage. Written by Marsha Lebby and John Lollos and directed by three time Tony Award winner Gene Saks, Mr. Goldwyn was first staged at the Vassar College/New York Stage and Film's Powerhouse Theater.

Mr. Goldwyn is an exploration of the life of Samuel Goldwyn - nee Sam Goldfish who rose from birth in Warsaw and childhood poverty in New York City to become one of the most powerful producers of Hollywood's early days.

He's been called a one of a kind guy in a dime a dozen town. Between 1923 and 1959, he independently produced eighty films, including fifty released through United Artists between 1925 and 1940. Goldwyn, whose name still appears on every MGM release, lost control of Goldwyn Pictures in 1922. When the corporation merged with Metro and Mayer, Goldwyn played no role in the new studio. Independent, with an aversion to partnerships, he formed Samuel Goldwyn Productions in 1923.

Every single one of Goldwyn's own films began with the credit "Samuel Goldwyn Presents." He paid for all eighty of his productions with his own money.

In May of 1952, when the glove salesman turned movie mogul still had that "Goldwyn touch," the legendary producer of Stella Dallas, Wuthering Heights, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Bishop's Wife, Guys and Dolls, and The Little Foxes was witnessing the Hollywood he helped create fade. The reign of television had begun and the studios were struggling.

In addition to creating films that have become classics, he is remembered for his twisted way with words. Among the "Goldwynisms" he coined are:

Samuel Goldwyn
Include me out.

Anyone who sees a psychiatrist ought to have their head examined.

A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on.

They stayed away in droves.

Don't improve it into a flop!

I don't want yes-men around me. I want everyone to tell the truth, even if it costs them their jobs.

Go see that turkey for yourself, and see for yourself why you shouldn't see it.

Alan King was born Irwin Alan Kniberg in 1928 on New York City's Lower East Side, growing up poor in a large extended family of Eastern European Jews.

"My father was part of a wave of socially-conscious immigrants who got here just in time to walk into World War I and then later, dead into a Depression. He was a man of education, but also an Eastern European labor-oriented working man who was very concerned about personal rights. He came here in the days of the sweat shops and child labor and advocated things life Social Security and Medicare years before they became realities. He was always a patriot but always felt he could make things a little better. He taught me to be concerned about the rights of the individual - what he called "the dignity of living.'"

"I started with the Major Bowes Amateur Hour at the age of thirteen." The boys high school in Brooklyn had thrown him out - for hitting a teacher - something that King doesn't advocate anybody attempting.

"I belted a teacher and they kicked me out," King first told me in 1969. "I hit him because he picked on me. I left home and went on the road with Major. I was too young for nightclubs. Even though I was a good size physically, I was only fifteen when I was stranded in Chicago. By smoking a cigar, however, I looked much older.

Bugsy Siegel
At the age of 17 King was playing Las Vegas. He opened the show for Tony Martin at a new hotel called The Flamingo. "The owner was a guy named Ben Siegel. People called him Bugsy, but not to his face. One day Siegel said to me as he looked around - Kid, someday there'll be 50 hotels here and it will be the entertainment capital of America," recalled King. "And I thought at the time, There is a reason why they call him Bugsy.'"

King went on to be not just a Vegas headliner but one of the few entertainers who attracted high rollers in sufficient numbers to actually affect the casino drop.

In 1948 King shared a tiny room in the Bryant Hotel in New York City with Dean Martin and four other aspiring entertainers. "Whoever came in last had to sleep in the bath tub. No joke."

Ed Sullivan
In 1952 Ed Sullivan was the first to put him on television. King did the show 90 times. He credits the Garry Moore program with giving him confidence and freedom. In 1955 he played the Palace Theater in New York with Judy Garland. "After I opened there a reviewer asked 'Where have you been all of these years?' I said, "Right outside the Palace looking for a goddamn job.'"

"I see life first through anger, then frustration. Then I see it as funny."

King's acting career took off in 1955 with Hit the Deck and he has continued to earn feature roles in such films as Bonfire of the Vanities, Casino, and most recently with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 2.

He has produced several Broadway shows including A Lion in Winter and Dinner At Eight. As a stage performer he starred on Broadway in The Impossible Years, which he also co-produced. When the New York City Center revived Guys and Dolls in May, 1965 he played Nathan Detroit. Others in that cast included Sheila MacRae, Jerry Orbach, and Anita Gillette; also starring Jack DeLon, Tom Pedi and Joey Faye with Jake LaMotta, Frank Campanella, Clarence Nordstrom, and Claire Waring.

King also co-produced Barbra Streisand concerts.

Alan King produced Barbra's show
He is an owner and member of the executive board of the Kaufman Astoria Studios, where interiors are shot for many made in New York City films. He produced Memories of Me, co-starring Billy Crystal. He is also the author of five best-selling books.

His philanthropic commitments include founding the Alan King Diagnostic Medical Center in Jerusalem, establishing a scholarship fund for American students at Hebrew University, and establishing a Dramatic Arts Chair at Brandeis University. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

"When I was a kid my mother used to say - Eat. They're starving in Europe.' I ate, got fat and they were still starving. I think when you're a person of means, and you live in a world of opulence, I don't think you should eat less. But you should go out and do something to help others. You notice that the minute there is a need the people in show business are the first ones to come to the rescue."

My Goldwyn begins previews at the Promenade Theatre on Feb. 26 for an opening on March 13.

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We don't know if Pat Buchanan is running on his own ticket, but the Screen Actors Guild election debacle has similarities to your typical national election - with their own version of a dangling chad or what was postmarked when.

Melissa Gilbert
In national voting completed on Friday, November 2, Melissa Gilbert was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild, taking the position held since November of 1999 by William Daniels, who declined to run for another term.

The former Laura Ingles of Little House on the Prairie received 12,280 of the 27,730 ballots (45.3%) cast for President. Her opponents were SAG National Board members Valerie Harper, who garnered 10,692 votes (39.4%), Eugene Boggs, who received 2,553 votes (9.4%), and Angel Tompkins, who received 1,613 votes (5.9%).

The results were contested on technical grounds and a new election scheduled.

On February 10 Mike Farrell pushed that send key and fired off an articulate E mail - signed Sincerely, Mike Farrell - which blasted Valerie Harper and her followers. With both sides frequently speaking in capital letters Farrell's E mail in part stated:

Mike Farrell
"In a few days, we'll get our ballots and AGAIN cast votes for SAG President, Secretary and Treasurer.

"When you see WHY we're doing this, you'll realize how disgusting it is. That's why I'm writing to you," continued Farrell.

"You've probably heard that a SAG "elections committee" has invalidated parts of last fall's election and ordered a rerun. You've also heard, I'm sure, talk of "problems" with that election."

Valerie Harper
Farrell's E mail continued: "What you may not know is that ALL FIVE MEMBERS OF THIS COMMITTEE were supporters of Valerie Harper's campaign. Every single one of them worked hard to get her elected President, then sat in judgment of the election she lost and ruled it invalid."

"What this committee did is pathetic," continued the E mail letter. "The two "problems" they managed to find were technical flaws that gave no advantage to anyone. One of them, a 2-day-later voting deadline for New York members, has been standard practice at SAG for over a decade. The other, the absence of a signature line on some ballot envelopes, is utterly meaningless since SAG has never required members to actually sign their envelopes."

"Melissa Gilbert won that election fair and square. What the committee didn't tell you is that even if they had deducted all the votes from Melissa's total that came in during their "problematic" two days, she still won the election. Since that obviously wouldn't do, they simply trashed the results and are now wasting your dues money on a new election."

"Everything about this rerun decision smacks of manipulation. Not surprisingly, SAG's National Board reacted to it by disbanding the elections committee and appointing a new truly representative one, and the Department of Labor has initiated an investigation. But there's no way to stop the rerun--and the expense of up to $200,000."

Kent McCord
"Adding insult to this farce, Harper's revived campaign is spending money praising Kent McCord and Elliot Gould for their "courage" in triggering the revote by filing election protests despite their victories. McCord and Gould, however, were leaders of a campaign whose top priority was getting Harper elected. You didn't cooperate, so they helped force a rerun. Courage is nowhere to be found here."

"McCord's role is particularly disquieting. Elected Treasurer last fall, his primary efforts since then have involved spending your money to overturn your choice for President."

"I take no delight in criticizing fellow union members, but I detest the dishonesty and the abuse of power that's undermining our union. When I was elected 1st Vice President, I assumed that a reasonable, respectful approach could be a steadying influence that might help focus constructive attention on the truly important issues like runaway production, residuals and salary compression."

"Well, I was wrong," wrote Farrell.

"McCord, Gould and the powerful cabal around them have taken the reins at SAG and will apparently stop at nothing, no matter what it costs our union in money and public esteem, to maintain control."

"Unless we take back the Screen Actors Guild, the power plays won't stop and the problems of actors will remain secondary. Let there be no place in SAG leadership for those who don't respect your vote and your interests."

"Vote AGAINST this chicanery. For a Screen Actors Guild that works for you, vote FOR Melissa Gilbert, Amy Aquino and Kevin Kilner."

Ed Asner as Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Harper's group, Actors Moving Forward, snapped back with their own E mail. Harper is endorsed by former SAG president Ed Asner, who has known Valerie since their days together on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

"There is a BIG difference between Valerie Harper and Melissa Gilbert," stated their release, which basically accused Gilbert of ignoring all issues and doing nothing.

"That's why this election is so important and why the future of our union is at stake: Right now SAG is negotiating to renew the contract between you and your agent. Right now talent agents CANNOT be owned by third parties such as advertising agencies or corporations like Proctor & Gamble. Ad agencies want to BUY talent agencies. If this were allowed, your agent would be working for your you AND your employer...then who would negotiate your salary?"

"Whose side would the agent be on?"

"VALERIE HARPER says NO Agents serving as your employer is a conflict of interest. MELISSA GILBERT says YES Ad agencies should be allowed to BUY between 10% and 49% financial interest of your talent agencies."

"Right now your pension and health plans have bled 22 million dollars and stand to lose $35.8 million dollars in lost contributions if something isn't done about Runaway Production to Canada and other countries."

"VALERIE HARPER says we MUST do everything we can to stop Runaway Production, that we should explore EVERY option. MELISSA GILBERT says that we should go along with whatever the DGA and MPAA want to do. Note: Members of the Directors Guild currently get plenty of work IN CANADA, as do the producers who belong to the MPAA."

"Right now there is NO THEATRICAL CONTRACT covering residuals for shows that are MADE FOR CABLE. Producers REFUSE to negotiate. VALERIE HARPER says we MUST not allow producers to ignore this issue. How much longer must actors continue to get checks for a few dollars, or in some cases, a FEW CENTS? MELISSA GILBERT remains silent."

"Right now anyone can join SAG by working only three jobs as a Background Actor, the so-called Three Voucher Rule. This means that our union is being diluted by non-actors and the many background actors currently in SAG can't make a living! VALERIE SAYS NO to the Three Voucher Rule. MELISSA GILBERT remains silent."

"Right now the concerns of our minority members regarding diversity in casting, has been put on the back burner. VALERIE HARPER SAYS PUT THE DIVERSITY issue front and center where is belongs. She has also pledged to fight "Ageism" and the prejudice that prevents "actors of a certain age" from getting work. MELISSA GILBERT remains silent."

The Gilbert supporters took umbrage and countered with an E-mail endorsement sent February 13 from; Alan Alda, Ed Begley, Jr., Barbara Bosson, Bruce Boxleitner, Andre Braugher, Paula Cale, William Christopher, David Clennon, Peter Coyote, James Cromwell, Dana Daurey, Jill Eikenberry, Shelley Fabares, Morgan Fairchild, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, Greg Germann, Sara Gilbert, Danny Glover, Samaria Graham, Ken Howard, Jane Kaczmarek, Melina Kanakaredes, Don LaFontaine, Camryn Manheim, Kathleen Noone, Seth Peterson, Paula Poundstone, Mitch Ryan, William Schallert, Loretta Swit, Christopher Titus, Concetta Tomei, Michael Tucker, Bradley Whitford and Noah Wyle.

Their E mail reiterated Farrell's E mail and while complaining that "nothing that can be done to stop the rerun" hoped "there may yet be a silver lining. This rerun lays bare the political gamesmanship that has been eating away at SAG for years, and gives us a clear choice between serious, committed leadership and what has become 'business as usual.' That's why we're voting for MELISSA GILBERT, AMY AQUINO and KEVIN KILNER. We know they'll put the Guild to work on issues that matter to the membership."

Gov. Gray Davis
"Despite the politically motivated attack on her election, President Gilbert has kept her focus on the business of the Guild. It's been just three months since she became President, and already she's made great headway. She's been appointed VP of the AFL-CIO and made a member of their Executive Council by John Sweeney, has revived talks with agents to protect our Agency Franchise, broken the gridlock on governance to create a smaller, more workable National Board, and worked with Governor Gray Davis to push tax-credit legislation aimed at stopping runaway production."

"Even though Ms. Aquino lost the race for Treasurer last fall by a mere 34 votes, she adamantly opposes this rerun, finding it unfair to the membership. She petitioned for late-arriving ballots from anthrax-affected cities to be counted, but firmly believes the rerun is unnecessary. With degrees from both Harvard and Yale, Ms. Aquino has shown her commitment to the members' interests by her 8 years as Vice President, board member, and committee head, putting our dues money to work for us tracking residuals, hiring set reps, pursuing deadbeat producers, and fighting runaway productions."

"An outstanding negotiator and much-respected board member, Mr. Kilner has experience, intelligence and the ability to lead. A former commercial banker, he serves on the Finance, Contract Enforcement, and Performers with Disabilities Committees, and makes his living solely as an actor. Once an Economics major at Johns-Hopkins, his degree in Social and Behavioral Science helps him translate the needs of performers into solid policy, resulting in economic gains and protections for fellow SAG members."

"Political maneuvering is crippling SAG'S ability to function effectively for its members and needs to end now."

In fact, SAG got so concerned that recipients might wonder who paid for all of the missives they posted their own statement: "The E-mail you received from Mike Farrell dated Sunday, February 10, 2002 was a paid political announcement from candidate Amy Aquino. The E-mail you received from Valerie Harper dated February 12, 2002 was a paid political announcement from candidate Valerie Harper."

Gilbert's statements - posted on her website - have been simple: "It has been a rather tumultuous couple of months and it doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. I'm sure that you have seen all the news and hoopla regarding the election at SAG. I really don't have much to say about it other than it will work itself out in time and whatever is meant to be, will happen."

Both Melissa and Valerie are working actors. Harper is starring on Broadway in Tales of the Allergists Wife and Gilbert is interesting in another television series.

As Gilbert has stated, "Contrary to what some people might think, there is no salary for the President of SAG."


The Back Stage Bistro Awards 17th Anniversary Gala takes place at The Supper Club in New York City on Monday, March 4.

Twenty-eight of cabaret artists will be honored including Blossom Dearie, Sam Harris, Jay Leonhart, and Donna McKechnie.

Receiving the Bob Harrington Lifetime Achievement Award will be Blossom Dearie.

Blossom Dearie
Both Sam Harris and Donna McKechnie are receiving awards for their respective Outstanding Major Engagements. This year's Outstanding Vocalists are Frans Bloem, Karen Oberlin, and Craig Rubano. Making his Outstanding New York Cabaret Debut is Johnny Rodgers.

The Bistro Award for Outstanding Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist goes to Jay Leonhart, and D.C. Anderson is named Outstanding Singer/Songwriter.

Gina Caruso Does Forman Brown, written and performed by Gina Caruso, wins a Bistro as Outstanding Concept Show. Honors in the musical comedy category go to the members of Modern Man - David Buskin, Rob Carlson, and George Wurzbach. Also saluted is the group show Heart & Music, created and performed by Scott Coulter, Steven Ray Watkins, and Lennie Watts.

Phillip Officer's Hoagy on My Mind
Jazz violinist Johnny Frigo is being honored with an award for Outstanding Contribution to a Performance for Phillip Officer's Hoagy on My Mind, and Kane Alexander and Christopher Denny will be paid tribute in the unique category of Outstanding Collaboration on the Arrangement of a Single Song.

Lea DeLaria is the award recipient for her recording Cool, Mark McCombs is named for Outstanding Characterization, and Colette Hawley is named Outstanding Comedy Performer. Other recipients noted for outstanding achievement include A.J. Irvin for Piano Bar Entertainment, Mark Janas for Musical Direction, Jean-Pierre Perreaux for Technical Direction and Lennie Watts for Outstanding Direction for Mark McCombs' Ten Jumps Ahead of a Fit.

George Sanders is singled out for an award for Continuing Excellence in Piano Bar Entertainment. There are also two Special Awards: The cabaret venue Arci's Place is being honored for its inspired programming, leading to the club's breakthrough year, and former Back Stage columnist Roy Sander gets a Special Bistro for his dedication to the industry.

Donna McKechnie
The evening will feature performances from all Bistro-winning artists and shows.

The event kicks off Cabaret Month in New York City, as officially designated in previous years by the Mayor's Office. It is a month-long celebration of this unique art form, featuring special performances, panel discussions, and other events.

Sherry Eaker is producing and hosting the Bistro Awards, assisted by David Finkle, John Hoglund, and Barbara and Scott Siegel. Comedian Jim David is guest emcee, and the show is under the direction of Thomas Mills.

The Back Stage Bistro Awards evening is sponsored in part by ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers), and BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc).


PAUL McCARTNEY hasn't exactly broken the bank in Las Vegas, but he has turned into the highest paid British performer to ever take to a Vegas stage. His engagement at the MGM-Grand will provide the lad's bank account with $5 million. Not a bad jackpot. McCartney had been seriously romanced every since Mike Tyson got KO's by Nevada officials. The resort needed somebody to appeal to high rollers and McCartney fit the bill.


OVARIAN CANCER RESEARCH FUND is the charity that benefits from the Feb. 25 bash at Caroline's, staged by John Hansbury, the attorney who was married to Madeleine Kahn who died from the disease. The event will feature Robert Klein, Nathan Lane, Joy Behar and Mario Cantone.

THE RAINFOREST FOUNDATION established in 1989 by Trudie Styler and Sting, helps protect the rights and environment of the indigenous people in the world's rain forests, benefits from the first preview of Oklahoma! this coming Saturday, Feb. 23. The fun evening kicks off with cocktails and appetizers at the 21 Club. Then the guests saunter on down to the show at the Gershwin Theatre. Honorary co-chairs are Sting, Trudie, Jimmy Nederlander Jr. and William and Karen Lauder.

RUBY DEE AND OSSIE DAVIS winners of the 37th Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award have agreed to serve on the SAG Foundation Board. They join Mitchell Ryan, Pamela Reed, Bonnie Bartlett, Tom Bosley, Esai Morales to provide leadership and support for the many member and community programs that the Foundation currently offers.

The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is the charitable arm of the Screen Actors Guild, dedicated to serving Guild members and the larger community.

LIZ SMITH on February 25, at the Pierre Hotel, becomes the first journalist to receive the annual salute of the Drama League, a group that normally honors directors, composers, lyricists, and performers of Broadway.

BILLY JOEL Feb. 25 - MusiCares 2002 Person of the Year Tribute. The Recording Academy has named the Grammy-winning musician the 2002 MusiCares Person Of The Year for his professional and philanthropic accomplishments. A number of celebrities, musicians and other members of the entertainment industry will be on-hand to celebrate Joel's career at a tribute dinner, concert and silent auction in Los Angeles.

THE JONATHAN LARSON PERFORMING ARTS FOUNDATION named for the late composer-lyricist, honored five musical theatre writers and three organizations for its 2002 awards, presented at a Valentine's Day luncheon in New York City. The five individuals, selected from over 150 applicants, who received unrestricted cash gifts between $4,000-$15,000 are; composer-lyricist Debra Barsha, composer Peter Jones, librettist Julia Jordan, librettist-lyricist Michael Korie, and composer-librettist-lyricist Peter Mills. Institutions receiving $2,500 each are Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia, The Lark Theatre Company in NYC, and Page Seventy-Three Productions in NYC.

QED written by Peter Parnell, starring Alan Alda and Kellie Overbey, reopens tonight at Lincoln Center. Performances take place Sundays and Mondays at Lincoln Center Theater's Vivian Beaumont Theatre through May 13.

Alda repeats his performance as Nobel Prize-winning professor of physics Richard Feynman.

NO SEX PLEASE,WE'RE BRITISH by Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot. - Directed by Patrick Fennell. This farce ran in London for eight years. No Sex Please, We're British involves a mail order mix up that switches Scandinavian glassware with naughty Scandinavian pictures that ends up complicating the lives of a new bride and her assistant bank manager husband. February 22-March 10 Huntington Beach Playhouse, California.

SOPHISTICATED LADIES starring Mary Wilson opens a three night engagement tomorrow night at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts in Cerritos,California.

ONE MO' TIME comes to jazz up Broadway on February 21, with B.J. Crosby, Roz Ryan, Rosalind Brown and Wally Dunn. Bringing it to Broadway is producer Michael Ritchie who was stage manager for the original production of One Mo' Time, when it opened at the at the Village Gate in 1979.

THE ODD COUPLE starring Barbara Eden and Rita McKenzie stages a one nighter tonight in Alto, NM at the Spencer Theatre. On Tues, February 19, they begin a week long engagement in Phoenix, Arizona at the Orpheum Theatre.

AIDA the national tour Feb 20-March 10 in Pittsburgh, PA.

TEA AT FIVE stars Kate Mulgrew, in the world premiere of a portrait of the screen legend Katharine Hepburn. This one woman show opened at Hartford Stage in the city of Hepburn's birth. 36 performances through March 10. Mulgrew portrays the four-time Oscar-winner at opposite ends of her peerless career. The play was written by Matthew Lombardo and directed by John Tillinger. Miss Hepburn is retired at her home on Long Island Sound near Old Saybrook.

ELAINE STRITCH moving on uptown to officially open her Elaine Stritch at Liberty show at the Neil Simon Theater on Thursday. One of the most delightful, fun, entertaining shows on Broadway - presented by a woman who has anecdotes delivered in a doesn't mince words style, peppered with songs that made her 50 year career - from Noel Coward to Stephen Sondheim. Don't miss.

BEA ARTHUR with her friend Billy Goldenberg in Just Between Friends - another don't miss evening - have been extended for two more weeks at the Booth Theatre, NYC through Sunday, March 24.

THE CHERRY ORCHARD by Alan Bates opens February 22 at the Paris Theater. Also on February 22 , and his SFS Production Fortune's Fool starts at the Stamford Center for the Arts.


ARLO GUTHRIE entertains February 22 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the State Theatre. On Friday he is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Pabst Theater.

DIANNE REEVES on stage tonight at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

NEIL DIAMOND is in the spotlight February 17 in Orlando, FL at the TD Waterhouse Centre. On February 21 the entertainer is in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena and on Saturday, February 23 the superstar can be found in Charlotte, NC.

JOHNNY MATHIS performs February 22 in Fort Myers, Florida at the Barbara B. Mann Hall.

DENYCE GRAVES sings Maddelena in Rigoletto at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York City opening February 22 with performances on February 25, March 1, 5 ,9, 13, and 15.

BARRY MANILOW has a two nighter February 21-22 in Cleveland, Ohio at the State Theater.

GLEN CAMPBELL on stage February 22 in Cerritos, California at the Cerritos Center.

MAUREEN McGOVERN begins a three night engagement February 22 in San Diego,California at the Museum of Art.

EDDIE MONEY center stage in Las Vegas at the Orleans Hotel February 22-24.

SAVION GLOVER the Tony Award winner dances into Salt Lake City performing in concert February 22 at Abravanel Hall.

BILLY CONNOLLY a Scottish lad who started out as a folk singer, brings his unique brand of comedy to this side of the pond. Connolly's Wreck On Tour stops at Town Hall, NYC. Saturday, February 23.

BERNADETTE PETERS Feb. 19 at the Grand Floridian in Lake Buena Vista, FL

JOHN BARROWMAN opens Wednesday at Arci's Place, NYC. He'll perform Wednesday through Saturday and then the following Wednesday through March 2.

PAUL ANKA opens February 21 at the MGM-Grand in Las Vegas. His engagement runs through March 6.

GEORGE SHEARING opens a two week gig at Feinstein's at the Regency on Tuesday. He'll include a Remembering Mel tribute to his friend and performing partner Mel Torme - whose sister, Myrna Williams, is an elected Las Vegas official.



A very pregnant Anne Hecht arrived in Las Vegas to attend the Siegfried and Roy show at the Mirage Hotel.

Afterwards, she visited the master illusionists backstage and requested they rub her tummy to bring the baby luck.

WHEN KEN LYNCH RECORDED Misery on February 15, 1963 Feb 15 it was the first Lennon-McCartney song recorded by someone else.

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